I Think I'm In Love

There were two people. Their names were Lanie and Jaden. Both of them liked eachother but they didn't know the other did. Here, you will see the average day love story unravel!


6. The Mall With Him

Lanie's P.O.V.

As I was walking down the drive, I slowed to a stop when I saw that right across the street from me, was Jaden walking down his driveway, at the same moment I was. 

I first thought it was destiny. But I pushed that idea to the side when had to cross the street because that is the side that the mall is on. He said hi. And I said the same back. Then he had asked where I was going, I was assuming that he was asking if he could walk me there. It was kind of dangerous around here to go out alone. Especially if you are a girl. I am surprised that my mom didn't say no because of the time and neighborhood.

I told him that I was going to the mall to meet my friend. He said he was doing the same thing. Then we smiled at each other and laughed, and I asked which friend he was meeting. I hope he couldn't tell I was asking if it was a girl.

He told me that he was meeting his best friend Denis. I told him that I was meeting my best friend Nae. 

"Oh, Nae! I think Denis said he likes her. But shh. Don't tell anyone." He said. I immediately thought how Nae would react to that. She would flip out. 

"She likes him too. She has a crush on him, but she didn't think he liked her. I mean there would be times he would flirt with her, but she thought he was kidding a lot." I said honestly.

"Maybe we could set them up when we get to the mall." he said. I had hardly noticed that we were walking. I then noticed that we were almost at the mall. I looked closely and saw that there was a bright, neon green-shirted person standing there. I instantly knew it was Nae. I didn't have to go any further to know it was her. She always wears bright, crazy stuff like that. Sometimes I get embarrassed by it. But I shouldn't care what people think. 

Once we reached the mall, Nae ran over and hugged me. She  noticed Jaden right after she let me go.

"Who is this, Lanie?" she asked, already knowing the answer. She had a smirk on her face.

"This is Jaden, Nae. He was going to the mall too, so I thought I would walk with him here. He said he was meeting Denis here." I knew she would stop bugging me about bringing Jaden along once she hear Denis' name.

The next thing we knew Denis was yelling Jaden's name from about five feet away. I don't think he liked that nobody had noticed him. He asked who I was, even though he knew. Basically the same thing that Nae just did to me, but with the boys instead. 

We had decided that we would stick together instead since it would be safer that way. Denis had said that two pretty girls like us shouldn't be wandering around on our own at this time. We walked in and smelled the food. We seperated for a few minutes because Nae had to use the bathroom so I took her. The boys said that they would go get food on their own and find a table for us all. They asked what we wanted and we ordered and then we went to the ladies' room.

After waiting about ten minutes for Nae to get done with her make-up, we went to find the boys, sitting at a table for 4, and they didn't look like they had eaten yet. I hope they weren't upset with us that we took so long.

I wasn't that hungry so I had just asked for two slices of pizza. Nae had asked from french fries and a vanilla milkshake. The boys had so much food, I forget some of the stuff they had. All I remember is that they had their food taking up over half of the medium sized table. But after about 10 minutes, they had finished. Then I asked where the boys were planning to go, and they said just hang around the mall. Then they asked where we were planning to go. Then I looked at Nae. 

"Well, I was thinking that Lanie and I should go to.. a girl store.. and then Build-A-Bear Workshop, and then to the little candy store on the first floor." Nae said. The boys looked at her funny when she said 'girl store.' It took them a few seconds to realize what she meant. Their faces turned bright red when they realized. 

Nae and I had started to walk to Victoria's Secret, where boys were not allowed. The boys went into the store next door which was sports themed.

Once Nae and I were done shopping, we started to head towards Build-A-Bear Workshop. I never had the chance to use my gift card I got for my birthday here. Yes, I know it sounds a bit strange for a girl in high school to be still into teddy bears and stuff but, that's what makes me different. We walked in and I picked a plain white bear and then got it stuffed and but a little sound thing that sang a One Direction song. Then I got it dressed and got it some converse, little jean shorts, and a one direction mini-t-shirt. Nae thought it was adorable and dressed hers up in a little dress. I then remember the boys.

I turn around to see the boys holding little bears that look like the boys. Jaden's is yellowish white with jeans on and sneakers and a little t-shirt and Denis' a tan bear with soccer shorts on and little soccer shoes and a green shirt on. It even had a little soccer ball so they could play a game together. Which is what the boys were doing. Nae and I just looked at them.

When they noticed that we were looking at them, they stopped with their little soccer match and we made our way to the register. Nae and I both grabbed a small fry toy that the boys said they would get us. How sweet. I picked out a little rainbow bear. I named him McCartney, Mac for short. I had named my Build-A-Bear Bengie, for Benjamin. Nae named her small fry Lulu, which was a little bunny rabbit, and her bear Daniel. The boys didn't name there's anything.

Once we payed for the bears with my gift card, and some over everyone's money, the boys turned to Nae and I. They gave us their bears and said, "To remember us by," at the same time. I thought to myself that we would see them at school, so they didn't have to do that, but I accepted. I named mine Jaden Jr. and Nae named hers Denis Jr. The boys were all red when we left. 

It didn't hit me until we left the mall that we didn't go to the candy store.

Jaden walked me home and Denis walked Nae home. Apparently he lives near her. "So, Nae and Denis really hit it off, huh?" I say, catching him off guard. 

"Uh, yeah," he said. "Weren't they holding hands and stuff?" He asked, looking at me. I started to feel like he was asking if I wanted to hold his hand. So I took he opportunity and took his hand in mine. His hand was warm. He then asked for my number, and I told him. He then took out his phone and texted me, and I added him as a contact. He put me as Lanie(:<3 and I put him as <3:)Jaden. 

We just reached my house and he said bye and I said bye, then I went inside my house and saw him go into his house out my window. I see the light go on on the second floor on the right. Now I know what room is his, most likely. Then I laid down on my bed and fell to sleep, just like that, thinking about Jaden.

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