I Think I'm In Love

There were two people. Their names were Lanie and Jaden. Both of them liked eachother but they didn't know the other did. Here, you will see the average day love story unravel!


3. Getting To Know Him

Lanie's P.O.V.

Well, after our first class ended, I looked around to see the pairs of the other partners. Some looked pretty miserable. My best friend, Nae, looked pretty happy to be paired up with her crush, Denis. He didn't look too happy. I think he will figure out soon that he is in for store being paired up with her. I have learned while being paired up with her on projects the year before.

Jaden was still looking at me and he had started to stutter. I said "Yes?" and then he said that we should get going. I think he noticed how I was waiting for everyone else to leave first. I nodded and then walked into the hallway with him.

I had opened my locker and then I noticed that Jaden was the locker to my left. What a coincidence. I wonder if this school is psychic or something. Talk about weird. I thought this school was weird before I even went here. Freaky.

I noticed that he had already had something huge in his locker, even though it was the first day. I was staring at it and it looked like an instrument. I didn't know that he kept the band thing going after 6th grade. I had already grabbed my books and was waiting for him to finish getting his. No wonder he took so long to get two books having to make sure his instrument didn't fall out of his locker. I can't even imagine how embarrassed I would be. He slammed his locker shut so it didn't have a chance to fall out. I thought it was so loud that everyone in the hall should have heard it, but no one even looked over. I guess no one could hear over everyone rushing to get to their classes. 

When we were walking to our Math class, we were getting to know eachother better. I learned that he likes to sing (He even sang a bit for me) and that he likes plaid. He told me he was going to wear plaid today but he wanted to on Friday. Apparently he plans his outfits days before. That's interesting. I told him some stuff about me, like how I like to sing, but I don't like singing in front of anyone except my friend Nae. I only sing in front of people who I am used to being around. I told him that I have stage fright. 

When we got to Math class, we sat right next to eachother, like we were assigned to. Everybody else was talking too, not everyone to their partners, but some were. Then our math teacher came in, I can't even remember his name. I was thinking about Jaden and how much we were alike. I couldn't believe I was falling for him. And I only met him today. 

We walked together to all of our classes, and sat next to eachother at lunch. We were talking non-stop. Then when lunch was over, we were still talking and almost late for our next class. I was going to ask him for his number when the last bell rang, but I thought it would be a bit too soon. Instead we walked home. He lives right across the street from me. He just moved here. I hardly noticed. I knew this year was going to be good. Really good. 


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