I Think I'm In Love

There were two people. Their names were Lanie and Jaden. Both of them liked eachother but they didn't know the other did. Here, you will see the average day love story unravel!


4. Getting To Know Her

Jaden's P.O.V.

Our first class had ended. I saw that Lanie was looking around. I had started to try to say stuff but I had gotten lost in her eyes. She asked ''Yes?" and I had told her that we should get going. I saw that she was waiting for most of the others to leave. I thought this was a nice plan. I was surprised that she already had a plan on the first day of school to like, survive without being toppled.

We walked out into the hallway and reached our lockers. They were close to eachother. Like, her locker was exactly to the right of mine. That's weird. I then remembered that I had my instrument in my locker. Yes, I was in band, but I wasn't exactly a band 'geek.' I played the trombone. I had started playing in 6th grade, and when middle school came, I was debating to myself whether or not I should continue doing it. It just stuck with me. I would have been fine doing band or chorus. I like to sing a lot. I'm glad that I stayed in band.

I had kept dodging the instrument from falling out, as I was trying to retrieve my math book and notebook. I had just gotten the books out of my locker and then my instrument had looked like it was going to fall, so I had slammed the locker door shut. I instantly regretted it. I thought someone would have at least looked over, but everyone had been in too big of a rush.

I felt so awesome, walking with Lanie. She looked so pretty in the hallways. She had dark brown hair, that sometimes looked black, and brown eyes, that looked black whenever she got mad. Like this time in 6th grade, when I was so stupid, and kept pretending to be cutting her hair, and I accidentally cut a bit of her hair off. She was so mad. I got in such big trouble. She had not talked to me the rest of that month.

When we were going to our Math class, she was telling me stuff about her. So we could, you know, get to know eachother better. She told me that she liked to draw, play the drums, and sing. But she didn't want to sing in front of me. I was kind of disappointed that she wouldn't, but then she told me that she has stage fright. I kind of backed off after that, because I didn't want to make her uncomfortable. I wanted her to feel like she was fine with me. Like nothing bad could happen. But I knew that would take a while. So I had to make a good impression.

When lunch came, I didn't want to pig out, and we kept talking. That kind of helped me control my appetite. I was so glad that I didn't embarrass myself in front of her. At least I didn't think I did. Did I? That question will haunt me the rest of the night.

After lunch ended, I didn't want to have to stop talking to her. We were almost late, and that would not be good on the first day. I was going to ask her what her number was, so I could call her for any projects, later on and all, and so I could talk to her if I wanted. I felt to relaxed around her. But then the last bell rang, and it was time for us to go home.

I decided to walk her home, but I had never noticed that we live right across the street from eachother. When I got home, I decided to go to my room. Today was tiring. I thought to myself that this might be the year. The year that everything goes right. The year that I get the girl of my dreams.

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