I Think I'm In Love

There were two people. Their names were Lanie and Jaden. Both of them liked eachother but they didn't know the other did. Here, you will see the average day love story unravel!


5. After School

Lanie's P.O.V.

Walking home with Jaden felt so right. Like I was meant to walk with him. Like he was meant to live across the street from me. Oh! That reminds me. 

I sprung from my bed to my window in my room, that was facing the street, where Jaden's house is. It was already starting to get dark outside, and I could see that almost all of the lights were on in all of the rooms. Now only if I knew which room was his. 

My phone had caught my attention. It had started to play my ringtone, which was not exactly 'my age' for a ringtone. It was the 'Small Potato Rock' song, from the Disney Junior mini-series, Small Potatoes. My best friend Nae was calling me. I picked up and she practically was in the room, with how loud her voice sounded.

*Phone Conversation*


Lanie: Oh, sorry. I was.. busy.

Nae: With what? It's the first day.

Lanie: I had to make Christie dinner. (Christie is my little sister who is really annoying. I would hate to have Jaden over when she was here. If he ever comes over, I will have to make sure that she is at her friend, Allison's, house)

Nae: Oh. Sorry.

Lanie: *sigh* I'm used to it.

Nae: Soooo, I saw you really hitting it off with Jaden in class.

I could practically see her giving me her look that she always gives me when we talk about boys.

Lanie: Well, yeah. He walked me home. Did you know that he lives across the street from me?

Nae: Ah, that must be why I always feel like there is someone watching me when I come over from outside.

Lanie: It could have just been Christie.

Nae: Well, I gotta go shopping. Did you wanna come with?

Lanie: Well, I need to go ask my mom. Be right back!

Right after I said this I ran downstairs to the den where my mom was playing on Facebook or something. 

"Can I go shopping with Nae?" I asked, hoping she would say yes.

"Is someone coming along to watch you girls?" My mom questioned. She had always been a bit over-protective. I can understand her not wanting my to go shopping by myself, but now that I'm in high school, it is getting kind of ridiculous. 

I thought for a second, then lied "Yes," If I was ever going to get to leave this house, I was going to have to lie a bit. 

"Well, I guess." my mom said.

"Thank you, mom! I love you." I told her, hugging her. I quickly ran upstairs to tell Nae that I could go, to my room.

*Back to phone conversation*


Nae: YAY! Well, I am going to be at the mall, be there in 15.

Lanie: See you soon!

*Conversation ended*

I quickly ran to the bathroom and used the toilet, washed my hands, combed my long dark brown hair. I then grabbed a beanie from my dresser and adjusted it to perfection. I ran down the stairs again, with my phone in my jean pocket, saying goodbye to my mom, and telling her I would call if anything happened.

As I ran out the door, I then slowed down as I was walking down my driveway, because I then saw Jaden, walking down his driveway at the exact moment I was, going heaven knows where.


Jaden's P.O.V.

After I went to my room, after walking home with Lanie, which was completely amazing, I went to my desk. I had started to think if, she liked me back or not. I looked out my window and I saw Lanie's house. It looked so perfect to me. A perfect place for the perfect girl to live.

Then I heard my phone go off. At first I thought it could have been Lanie, but then I remembered she didn't have my number. At least I didn't think she did. Anyways, it was my best friend Denis calling.

*Phone conversation*

Denis: Dude, why aren't you answering me? I have been trying to reach you since school ended.

Jaden: Oh, sorry. I was, um, outside, practicing soccer.

That seemed like a reasonable answer. It didn't seem like I was lying that badly.

Denis: Why didn't you invite me then? We could have practiced together.

Jaden: Sorry, it was a spur of the moment thing. 

Denis: That's okay. Anyways, I saw you and Lanie getting along well, if you know what I mean.

Jaden: I guess. I mean, I walked her home. Did you know that she lives like, right aross the street from me?

Denis: Well, at least when you start calling her all the time, there will be  a good connection.

Jaden: I guess.

Denis: Hey, did you wanna go hang out at the mall?

Jaden: Sure. My parents aren't home so I'll just leave them a note.

Denis: Kay, see you in 10 minutes.

Jaden: See you soon!

*Conversation ended*

I didn't have to get ready that much. I thought I looked pretty fine. I left the note for my parents saying that I would be at the mall, and then started walking down the driveway. I was stopped in my tracks when I saw that Lanie, was walking down her driveway, right when I was.

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