The Little Mermaid Tragedy

King Triton's point of you, but how do you remember the Little Mermaid? As i see it everything is turning for the worse.


1. Foolish Girl

          I watched Ariel swim out of the cold blue ocean. Her voice gone. For what? True love? Foolish little girl. Maybe Ursula has the right idea. I have been shunning her for all these years, but look where that has gotten me. 

            Zack and Zeke-Ursula’s eels- show me Ariel through their golden black eyes. Her eyes reflect the sun’s radiant sunlight. How could she be happy this way? Humans. Evil humans. “Sebastian,” I call for my loyal servant. “Follow her. I want her back. Alive.”

“Yes, sire” His little crab legs pushed through the ocean which pushed so heavy on us all. Unlike humans we can take it. We are better. Clearly.

Day one of Ariel’s human life. No kiss. They laugh as they walk throughout the kingdom. How does she fit in? She doesn’t even know humans technology, it’s much different from ours. Ariel thought that a fork-which they eat dinner with- was a brush and thought a pipe-which they smoke out of- was a musical instrument.  At least they didn’t kiss. Her ocean colored eyes look into Eric’s brown ones. She blinks a couple of times, trying to get Eric to kiss her, but he doesn’t. There is no way a human can love one of us. They will destroy her when they find out. We cannot co-exist with humans. We are too different.

Day two of Ariel’s human life. I wave my triton in front of me until it glows radiantly. The water that lies in front of me bubbles turning into a movie of Ariel’s present life.  What is Sebastian doing? He is encouraging them! That foolish crab will get what is coming to him. I watch him sing “Kiss the Girl” as he lets the sounds of nature improve the moment. The crickets play their music, the trees whisper the winds words, and the birds tap on the turtles hard green shells. Ariel and Eric lean into each other. A kiss? No. The rickety old boat they were in tips over suddenly. Zack and Zeke’s doing. They wrap their tails together. What do humans call it? Oh yeah. A high five. I can’t help but wonder what Ursula is up to. I wave my triton once more and now Ursula’s life shows itself to me. Of course she is concocting some kind of potion to turn herself human. What is that on her neck? She speaks, which turns into singing. Her voice is soft and soothing. Ariel’s voice. Ariel is more of a fool than I originally thought. Ursula’s eight tentacles turn to two scrawny legs as she drinks the treacherous potion.  Her purple obese body pulses as the weight dissipates. A human body emerges. Her grey hair grows long and wavy, changing the color to jet black. Her sapphire blue eyes turn black. Ursula swims up to the surface, faster with each stroke. She is the devil in disguise. Her newly found head emerges out of the brittle cold ocean into the radiant sunlight of the human land. She sinks her tiny toes into the soft salt and pepper colored sand which makes her grin. I can’t wait to see her plan unfold.

            Day three of Ariel’s human life. Ursula walks past the white castle singing a melody. She does the same melody over and over again; from low to high. She seizes the melody when Prince Eric shows himself to her. She flickers her eyes, and he’s already captivated. She sings one more melody and that’s when he enters into a trance. His eyes change to the same color of the shell necklace; a mustard color yellow. He’s now under Ursula’s command. Step one of her plan complete. She really is the devil in disguise.

            The butler-his name unknown to me- tells them to come inside so the brisk night air doesn’t harm them. Oh they might have to worry about a lot more than the brisk night.  The funny looking butler with his grey hair pulled back into a low bun which is wrapped with a blue ribbon is shocked about the sudden presence of Esmeralda a.k.a Ursula. “We wished to be married at once,” Eric said, his emotions not present. Ursula wraps her tiny pasty white arms around Eric’s neck. A good act I must say. If you didn’t know her plan you might think they were in love.


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