The Little Mermaid Tragedy

King Triton's point of you, but how do you remember the Little Mermaid? As i see it everything is turning for the worse.


2. Downhill


Ariel watches from the distant staircase. She doesn’t know Esmeralda is Ursula just yet. Tears fill her eyes as she runs off. I feel sorry for her. No. She did this to herself. I warned her about humans. We cannot co-exist with those, those demons. The idea itself is foolish. Ursula notices Ariel’s distress, which puts an evil grin on her oval shaped face. Esmeralda and Eric set off to the ship, leaving Ariel behind. The white sails blow forward moving the large ship. The other girls that are on the ship are people who want to be marrying Prince Eric at this very moment, but they have to watch him get married to another girl; someone they have never seen before. Their faces show their inner conflict of emotions, happy that Eric found someone, but sadness that it is not them.

“Do you Eric take Esmeralda to be your wife?”

“I do.”

“Do you Esmeralda take Eric to be your husband?”

“I-“ the waves overpower her words. The anger shows on her face as Max-Eric’s dog- bites her leg. A scream escapes her mouth. Ariel comes on board, trying to stop the wedding. Scuttle grabs the necklace with his webbed feet, tearing it off her neck. It falls to the floor, shattering it to pieces. The gold mist escapes the shell and enters into Ariel’s mouth.

“Eric,” she screams. He stares at her in awe-broken out of the trance.

“It’s too late girl,” Ursula screams. Her voice is deep and scratchy now. Her human body pulses and fizzes and turns her back to her true hideous form. The sun sets as well turning Ariel back into a mermaid. Everyone gasps in disgust at the sight of Ariel and Ursula.

“Eric I’m so sorry. I wanted to tell you,” Ariel pleads. He snarls at her words as he takes his sword and jabs it into her green fin. Tears flood from her eyes as blood fills the floor boards. She rips free of Eric’s grasp. She flees from the scene with Ursula. Back where she belongs. No, not anymore. I’ll be waiting.

“Daddy, daddy, I’m so sorry,” Ariel wails.  

“No you’re not. You’re sorry you got your heart shattered.” She looked at me. Her eyes full of tears, her white face turning red. “Come with me.” My voice was cold and emotionless. We swam through the big blue sea which was getting darker as we went on.

“Where are we going? I’ve never been down here.” I didn’t reply. We came to a huge rock structure. It looked like an ancient structure. There were two side rocks that made up the sides as well as the back. Another rock made up the top and another made up the front. I pointed my triton towards the front rock, my triton glowed and in seconds the rock moved to the side. Inside the peculiar structure were chains upon chains. I took Ariel by her ginger red hair and chained her to the wall. She squirmed and squirmed making the blue water turn red.

“Daddy let me go! I’m sorry,” she moaned.

“This is your punishment. The chain moved up and down her tail and arms forming new cuts as it did so. I began to swim out only stopping to hear Ariel’s voice.

“Daddy, please don’t leave.” I listen to her screams and cries for a few seconds until I finally leave. I aim my triton at the rock until it is moved back to its original position. Now I leave, leaving Ariel in total darkness. She has lost everything.

“I’m proud of you brother. You are more like me than meets the eye,” Ursula said in a husky tone. I grimaced at the thought, but really I am. Look at me. No, Ursula chooses to be this way. I, on the other hand, have to be this way. After all I am the King. Where would the kingdom be without my strict rules? The mermaids and mermen along with the other sea creatures would swim all over me. I can’t allow that.

“We are not as alike as you think,” I snap. She shakes her head and smiles. The reasons behind this smile, I do not know, but it can’t be good. Can it?

The following day I go back to Ariel who was in complete agony. She had no more tears to spill, no more screams to yell, and no more love to give.

“So you want to be human?” She managed a nod.

“Anywhere is better than here. Who would like living with the devil? I would rather the humans put me out of my misery.” I snarl at her words.

“You want to be put out of your misery?” I yell. I point my triton at her and, of course, it glowed. Ariel’s body pulsed, forcing the chains to create new scars. Her tail split in two, forming legs. The chain that lay on her tail shattered at the formation. The other two rattled rapidly as her arms flair. Her cheeks puff and she tried to scream, but it was muffled by the intake of water into her human lungs. Bubbles escaped her mouth and she tries to break the metal chains, but of course, she couldn’t.  The chains stopped rattling, the bubbles stopped floating, and her body lay limp. The lifeless body tries to float away to the surface, but the chains hold her back. I look at what I have done, but feel absolutely nothing.

My other six daughters fill the ancient structure. How did they know I was here? I suppose it doesn’t matter. They would have found out of Ariel’s death sooner or later. “Oh daddy, what have you done?” One of them, although I’m not sure which, called out.

“It had to be done. She wished to be one of them and so she has. She never cared of the cost. This was it.”

“Here let me hold your triton while you clean up the mess,” Andria said. She had a violet tail with a seashell bra to match. I nodded and passed her the triton as I swam over to Ariel. As I was unlocking one of the metal chains I heard a bang behind me. I look to see the door closed and I’m in complete and utter darkness.

“Girls! Let me out right now,” I shout, but no one answers me. They have left me here to rot with only Ariel’s corpse to keep me company.

“Ursula. The deed is done. He will not escape. Here is your reward.” Andria bowed and held out the triton in front of her.

“Ha! That fool. So easy to trick. Now the kingdom is mine!” She laughed at her newfound power as she took the triton in her small, but fat hands. The triton glows as the sky turns black. Lightning strikes the human world, sending them into utter chaos. She barley knows how to use the powerful weapon. “Be a dear Andria and fetch me Sebastian and Flounder.” She nods and swims away.

“You called us Ursula,” Flounder asks worriedly.

“That’s Queen Ursula to you! But yes, I have. You will work for me. You will do as I say when I say, no questions asked.”

“No! You killed the King! You killed Ariel! You will destroy the kingdom!” Ursula’s face fills with rage as she pins him to the wall with the triton. Sebastian quivers in fear.

“I didn’t kill Ariel. Triton did. I didn’t kill Triton. Andria did. I’m simply rewarded for all my patience and sympathy for others.”

“You’re a monster.” Ursula’s face scrunched as she sent the triton through the yellow and blue fish. Flounder’s blood filled the water, the scent overwhelming. He will be used as an example. Nobody will ever dare question Ursula again.


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