I Love You, But I Hate You

17 year old Darcy and her 15 year old sister Hailey a.k.a Hales have been best friend sisters forever. Darcy and Hales meet One Direction at a pizza place and exchange numbers. There will be heartbreaks and goodbyes and Love.


1. Training

Darcy is P.O.V

"Punch harder Hale harder!" I yelled so Hailey would knock the punching bag down. "I cant, I cant do it!!" Hales screamed as she started to sobbing and cover her face with her gloves. What was that all about?? "Hales, Hales whats wrong? Did I do something?" I questioned. "No you didnt, its just, mom and dad getting divorced is all I can think about right now... Their getting divorced over the weekend you know?" she thought. "Babe, dont get mad about that, it has nothing to do with you they just, just dont really feel a special way towards eachother anymore." I sighed. I grabbed Hales and and pulled her up. "You ready??" I questioned. She nodded her head. She took one punch and the bag split down the middle. "Keep going finish it off!" I yelled to her. She kicked the bag with all her might and it fell over. "Good, well finish tomorrow." I replied. She took off her gloves and wiped the sweat from her head and we walked inside.

"Hey girls. Im going out tonight with Eve and Julie and your fathers working late so eat the leftovers." My mom said walking out the door. The left overs were sitting right in front of us. "Hales go throw it away. "I said to her jumping on the couch with my phone. "Well it may be good this time!?" Hales questioned. "If you dont want to die, throw it away!" I yelled to her. She took a bite anyways and ran to the bathroom to throw up. "EEEEEWWWWWW!" she screamed while puking. I was laughing hystarically. "Hahahaha I told you not to!" I replied. When she was done throwing up, I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped and hopped in. When I finished, I wrapped a towel around me and went to my bedroom to get dressed. It was 5:30p.m. I slipped on black jeggings, and a black v-neck t-shirt. When I finished curling my blonde hair and putting on makeup, I went downstairs to call the pizza place.

"Hey Jeremie its me, Darcy." I exclaimed.

"Hey Darcy, what would you like?" Jeremie asked.

"Oh nothing, can we have the usual?" I asked.

"Ummmm....... Ya but drop by quickly were very busy!" he said then hung up.

That was nothing like Jeremie to act like that. Whats going on over there? What ever. I sat on the couch watching Finding Nemo when Hales came out. "Woah babe you look cute!" I told her and she blushed. She was wearing pretty much the same thing I was wearing, but with her light blue v-neck and a black beanie covering her blonde hair with brown streaks. "Thanks. Can you do my makeup?" She asked. I nodded and we walked upstairs. I knew she was only twelve, but still, she is my lil babe sis and I love her. I covered her cheeks with pink blush but not to much, and mascara. My face had eye liner, mascara, and smokey eye shadow and my lips had baby pink lip stick. When I finished putting on her makeup, I grabbed my keys and we hopped in my black mustang. When Hales turned up the music, One Direction Little things came on. "Youll never love yourself have as much as I love you! And youll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to!" Hales and I sang til we arrived.

When we parked the car, there were screaming girls everywhere! When we made it to the front, a bodyguard was there. Really!? We need to get in before we starve ourselves. I had to keep pulling Hales hand through the crowd if I didnt want to loose her. "Are you Hales and Darcy?" The man asked. "Yes why?" Hales asked. They just moved away from the door to let us through. When we walked in, One Direction was sitting right across from us. Hales kept tugging on my hand and her lips pressed together with a huge grin on her face. I honestly didnt care and kept walking. "Oh look, fans got through!" One boy whispered loud enough for me to hear. I rolled my eyes and walked to the desk. "And this fan is fistly!" Niall (I think) yelled and they laughed. "Hey girls! How are you?" Jeremie asked. "Were fine. We just through away my moms leftovers s-" "Did Hales eat any!?"Jeremie seemed worried. "I dont wanna talk about it!" she yelled and barried her hands in her face. "Oh darling im sorry, any ways, here." Jeremie said handing the pizza to me. I turned around and noticed a bunch of screaming fans behind me.

"Oh babe you dont want to go out there!" a black haired boy yelled. It was Zayn. "And why is that?" I replied. "You will get mobbed." a curly haired one yelled from his seat. He was kinda (really) cute. "Well I kinda have no choice. I said. I started walking towards the door. "Wait!" The curly one yelled. "Do you wanna stay?" he asked. I looked at Hales and she nodded. "I guess so," I replied quietly. "Sit here babe." The curly one said. I sat next to him and Niall called Hales over to her.

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