Truly, madly, deeply in love

Bella is one direction's biggest fan. Watching their video diaries and performances is her only escape from her super strict mom and new stepdad (not that that was new). But she soon finds her new stepdad to be very interesting, especially when she finds out that he works as a important crew member in all the one direction performances!


16. Scare

A/N hey guys im changing the layout a bit 

Harry's P.O.V I woke up with Bella's arm across my stomach I looked down at her and she had a smile on her face she is adorable when she sleeps I kissed the top of her head and grabbed my phone and check my messages I have 5 text messages 1 from each of the boys asking if I was still at Bella's and if she was okay I replied to them all saying yeah shes fine and I had just woken up it was like 8 in the morning I logged on to twitter followed a few people and then logged onto instagram as Bella woke up and sat up and rubbed her eyes "Morning Beautiful" I smiled "Morning and im not beautiful" I was stunned when she said this she laid her head back down onto my chest I sat up picked her up and sat her in my lap facing me "Bell you are amazingly beautiful dont let anyone tell you different I will do everything in my power to make you believe that you are beautiful" I put a loose piece of hair behind her ear and she blushed smiled and hid her face in the crook of my neck "Thanks for staying with me last night" She mumbled "Dont thank me babe I love you" I told her did 'I love you' Just slip out of my mouth holy shit i think it did she sat up and looked at me "I love you too" She bit her lip and smiled we heard Sam and Autumn scream Bella didnt hesitate she jumped off my lap leaped off the bed and darted out of the room with me right behind her and we saw the bedroom door open and we ran downstairs 

Bella's P.O.V I heard the kids scream and my heart stopped I expected the worst "SAM AUTUMN!" I screamed I was now having a full on panic attack Harry went into the kitchen to look for them and I went into the living room and saw my Ex holding them "Let them go now" I said sternly "Bella hes hurting us" Sam had tears going down his fac1e "Let go of my siblings NOW" I shouted the last part and Harry come into the living room "Oh so your a slut now???" He asked "Shut up hes my boyfriend let my brother and sister go" I told him Harry came up behind me "Who is this" he glared "My Ex boyfriend Jackson" I told him He inched a bit closer to me "Mate let the kids go" He said He jerked on Autumns arm and she screamed "STOP!" I went forward and Harry pulled me back "Protective of her I see" Jackson smirked "Yeah im being what you werent" Harry shot "Bella hes squeezing us more" Autumn cried "Jackson I swear to god if they come with bruises your ass is dead" I threatened "One Kiss and they are free" He said "HELL NO!" Harry screamed I grabbed his hand and squeezed it "Let my siblings go first" I told him "No" He said with no emotion in his voice I sighed let go of Harrys hand and walked to Jackson before Harry could grab me I started to lean in and I saw he let the kids go and they ran to Harry I stopped before my lips touched Jackson's and backhanded him as Harry walked to the other side of the room with the kids"You really think I was gonna kiss you???" I laughed and started to walk back to Harry as he grabbed my wrist and slammed my head to the ground I screamed and I heard the door open and slam shut and I saw Harry run and shove Jackson I sat up and I was REALLY Dizzy like I saw 4 harrys I felt Autumn and Sam come and hug me "Bella are you okay???" I heard Liam ask "Im dizzy and my vision is blurry" I said "Well love your dizzy of course it is" Louis said I just knew he was smirking "Hahaha" I laughed sarcastically "Wait where's Harry and Jackson" I asked my sight came back and they werent here "Harry took him outside" Niall said helping me up I grabbed my siblings and sat them on my lap "You guys okay" I asked they smiled nodded and hugged me and then Autumn went to Niall and Sam went to Louis "Your forehead is bruised" Zayn said "Well he threw me to the ground of course its gonna be bruised but it really really hurts" I said as Harry come in he door ran into the living room he pulled me up and wrapped me in a hug 

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