Truly, madly, deeply in love

Bella is one direction's biggest fan. Watching their video diaries and performances is her only escape from her super strict mom and new stepdad (not that that was new). But she soon finds her new stepdad to be very interesting, especially when she finds out that he works as a important crew member in all the one direction performances!


5. Meeting them

Bella's P.O.V.

I quickly place my hair, and pull down my shirt to make sure I look OK.

"You don't need to arrange yourself to look pretty, you know. You're already beautiful," is it really who I think it is? I turn around, and sure enough, Harry is standing there, smiling with his adorable smile, showing off his dimples. I smile back.

"Thanks, " I reply. I seriously don't know how I managed not to fangirl in front of him. He just seemed to make me feel so comfortable, I couldn't help acting normal. It's a real miracle, though. He just kept staring at me, I stared back. His eyes are so much more beautiful in person, they shine like little stars. We were so into each other, we didn't notice the other guys coming up behind us, and jumping on Harry.

"Aaahhh!" Harry yells, running after the boys. I laugh. Typical one direction. It was wierd though, instead of them being about 1 inch and flat like in my phone screen, they're life size. I can't believe how lucky I am to be here.

Harry's P.O.V

She was so beautiful. Her eyes showed every emotion she felt. Oh, stupid me, I didn't even ask her name.

"Hey, what's your name, babe?" I tried to sound casual, it didn't work. I must sound so dorky.

"I'm Bella, nice to meet you Harry," she replied. Her name suits her so well.

"Nice to meet you too, Bella," I replied.

"OOOOHHHH, looks like someone is in love!!" Louis yelled. I swear this guy will get it one of those days.

"Shut up, Louis," I yelled back, blushing. Bella seemed to notice and giggled. I hate to admit, but I think Louis is right. I think i'm in love with this girl, even though this is the first time we see each other.

"So, what are you doing in here, Bella," I asked.

"Well, my mum's boyfriend, Edward works as crew member in all your venues, and he brought us here today, because we live close to here," she replied. Her voice is like an angel's, it so beautiful. I was so concentrated on looking in her beautiful dark brown eyes that I almost forgot to answer.

"That's great! So you'll be hanging out with us?" I asked hoping she'd say yes.

"Sure," she laughed.

"Great! So listen, I need to go get ready for the show and the interview, but I'll catch you after the show, ok? Oh and one more thing, can I get your phone number?" I asked. I really wanted to hang out with her more often, and get to know her more, she's a really sweet girl.

"Sure, so it's 819-852-8936," she said handing me a paper.

"Great, well I really gotta go, or I'll get in trouble," I said.

"See ya later, Harry," she replied. I love how she says my name, it sounds so right when she says it.

Yep, I think I'm deeply in love with Bella. 

How are you liking it so far? I'll try to post another chapter tonight if I can. Now I'm off to my ice skating lessons! .xx

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