Truly, madly, deeply in love

Bella is one direction's biggest fan. Watching their video diaries and performances is her only escape from her super strict mom and new stepdad (not that that was new). But she soon finds her new stepdad to be very interesting, especially when she finds out that he works as a important crew member in all the one direction performances!


12. Getting to know each other

Bella's P.O.V

We were about 30 minutes into the movie I jumped 

"Scare ya?" Harry asks.

"Just a bit i'll get used to it though"

"Tell me if you want to watch something else alright?" He said putting an arm around me.

"Alright" I said as laid my on his shoulder.

"What time do you need to be home by and i'll take you" He said as he paused the movie ran upstairs through on a white v-neck a blazer and a pair of skinny jeans

"I can have Edward or my Mom pick me up and you can come anytime." I said laying my head back down and unpausing the movie 

"Its fine and I want as much time as I can get with you so we can get to know each other." he said smiling 

"Okay how about we get to know each other know and we can go do something" I suggested 

"Alright you go first then" He said

"There's not much to tell My name is Isabella but I prefer Bella, my full name is Isabella Mary Cruz my nickname is Bell, my birthday is on the 2nd of March, My favorite color is Red and Orange, I have a little brother named Sam and a little sister named Autumn, I love music to death, I love action, comedy, i like romance but it depends on the movie, and i only like tiny bit of horror, and I''m from Houston, Texas and um I sing and play guitar. I mumbled the last part.

"You what I didn't here the last part" he said. 

I took a deep breathe and repeated "I Sing, and play Guitar"


"yea but now you" I said 

"Well what do you already know?" He asked

"I know the Harry Styles from one direction and what some of the things fans made up I want to know the real you" I replied.

"Okay My name is Harold but I prefer Harry, My nickname is Hazza, My Favorite color is Orange, My birthday is February 1, I also love music, I like action comedy and horror and like you it depends on the movie for romance, before I was in one direction worked at a Bakery, in high school I was in a band called White Eskimo, I'm from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire and I have an older sister named Gemma."he said 

"We have a lot in common" I said smiling 

"Yes we do" he replied

"What time is it?" I asked

"2 o'clock" 

"Aww I only have 3 hours with you" I said looking at harry. 

"It's alright because i'll pick you up tomorrow and we can spend the day together I promise" He said as he looked back at me and we both started to lean in.

"I'd like that" I said as we kissed. 

Harry's P.O.V

Bella and I were kissing when people busted in through the door screaming and out of breath and Bella and I both jumped. 

"What the heck guys?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" I yelled as I kissed Bella's forehead and made sure she was alright 

"Sorry we got ambushed by paparazzi and your house was close to where we were and we ran" Niall said. 

"BELLA!!!!!!" Louis yelled. 

"LOUIS!!!!" She yelled back. 

"She can yell like you Louis" Liam said

"Not really hes louder than I am" I stated as they all came and sat down in the living room

"True" Liam replied

"So Hazza" Louis says.

"Yes Lou?"

"I'm gonna cut right to it I'm pretty sure everyone is wondering are you and Bella dating or what?" he asks

"Why do you ask?" I replied as I looked at Bella and gave me a nod.

"I'm pretty sure we all want to know am I right?" Louis asks.

"Well now that you made kind of a big deal about it I'm interested" Niall says.

"Same with Zayn and I" Liam stated.

Bella and I glanced at each other for a second

"Yes we are dating."

"HAZZA'S GOTTA A GIRLFRIEND" Louis yelled as Bella covered her ears.

"You'll get used to that" I said.

Bella's P.O.V

"Louis I bet the entire world could here you when you shouted that" I told him

"Well good for them then" he said plopping down on the couch next to Harry.

"So when was your first date" Liam asks.

"Yesterday" I said

"You be good to my Hazza" Louis said waving a finger in the air

"I got no problem with that" I said and smiled.

"Harry you need to be good to her to" Niall says

"I will dont worry" he said

"What time is my phone just died? I asked

"Um 4:30 why?" Zayn says.

"CRAP!" I said as I shot up.

"Whats wrong?" Everyone asks but Harry.

"I have family dinner and I have to be home by 5 tonight" I said as I slipped on my shoes

"Bye guys!! It was nice hanging out with you all" I said grabbing my purse.

"You dont think I would forget would you?" asks.

"Um yea." I said

"Nope I'm driving you I'll be back later guys" He said

I got a round of bye bellas from each of the guys and they said bye to Harry as he and I walked to the car.

A/N: This is a Late Valentines day present from Hazzyforever and I love you all. xx -Taylor

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