Truly, madly, deeply in love

Bella is one direction's biggest fan. Watching their video diaries and performances is her only escape from her super strict mom and new stepdad (not that that was new). But she soon finds her new stepdad to be very interesting, especially when she finds out that he works as a important crew member in all the one direction performances!


15. Family dinner part 2

Harry's P.O.V

So we got to Bella's house and I met her two siblings and I met her mom who I guess embarrassed Bella because she blushed and hid her face 

"So Harry how do you know Edward and how did you meet Isabella?" Her mom asked me 

"Well Edward manages all of our venues and He took Bella with her the last time he went and we met there" I explained 

"Oh cool" she said 

"This is really good Mrs.Cruz." I said 

"Thank you sweetie but call me Shanna"

I noticed Bella looking sick I placed my hand on top of her knee she looked at me and grabbed my hand 

"Are you okay Bella?" Sam asked her 

"Yes Sammy I'm fine" 

"Are you sure?" Autumn said 

"Yes why wouldn't I be?" Bella said 

"You look like your hurt" Her mom said 

"I'm fine see" She said as stood up but fell I shot up and caught her 

"Bella are you okay?!?!" Edward shouted a bit 

She shook her head no and started crying 

"Bell whats wrong???"I asked laying her on the couch 

"Someone take me to a Hospital" She barely got out 

"I'll take her" I volunteered and picked her up 

"Are you sure?" her mom asked 

"Yes mam" I said walking to the door 

"We will meet you there" Edward said opening the door 

"Alright" I opened my car door and laid Bella in down in the back seat 

"Thank you Harry" Edward and her mom said in Unison 

"your welcome" I said I got in the car and started it and drove off

"Harry" I heard Bella hardly get out

"Yea love?" I asked getting my phone out

"Thank you" she said

"You dont need to thank me love we are going to get Lou since the Hospital is awhile away" 


I dialed Lou as fast as could 

"HI HAZZA!!!" He yelled 

"Lou I have to take Bella to the hospital and I need you to come sit the back seat with her and she wants you to come we are pulling onto the street tell the boys they can come too but in different cars because I don't have enough room " I said 

"Is she alright?!?"He asked in a concerned voice 

"There's something wrong with her stomach she literally fell she can't move" I said

"Alright the boys are coming" He said 

"We are in the drive way Lou" I said and hung up as the boys came running outside 

I rolled down the window as Lou got into the back seat and sat Bella's head on his leg

Louis P.O.V 

When Harry called me his voice was serious and it sounded like he was scared hes fallen really hard really fast and Bella is like family now so when Hazza told me what happened and I told the boys we all got worried 

"Is she alright" Zayn asked as the rest of the boys got into the other car 

"She cant move dude we have to hurry"He said said he nodded and we drove off

"Bella on a scale from 0-10 how bad does it hurt" I asked 

"12" She said taking deep breaths 

"Here squeeze my hand if it hurts" I told her as I grabbed her hand 

"Thanks Lou" She smiled 

"No problem Haz how far are we?" 

"Not far Lou Bella how you are doing?" He asked her 

"I'm in pain but at least I can talk" She said taking deep breaths again and started squeezing my hand

"We're here" Harry said turned off the car and opened the back door 

"Can you sit up love" I asked her 

She attempted to sit up but ended up falling back down crying in pain she was trying not to scream  

"Shhh its alright" I cooed trying to get her to calm down

"Lou push her shoulders gently and I have her legs"Harry said as I pushed her shoulders lightly and Harry picked her up bridal style and carried her inside 

"Can one of you hold her?" Harry asked 

"Let me see her" I volunteered and grabbed her from Harry

"It hurts" Bella said gripping her stomach 

"BELLA BELLA BELLA!!!!!!" we all heard to little kids yell 

"Hi guys" She said trying to pull a fake smile

"Bella who are they???" The little boy asked pointing to the rest of the boys and I

"This is Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn they are friends of Mine and Harry's" She said pointing to everyone weakly 

"Guys this is Sam my little brother and Autumn my little sister" 

"Hi" They said shyly we all said hi 

"Where Mom and Edward?" 

"We're right here and Hi boys" Edward said

"Mom this is Louis Liam Niall and Zayn the rest of the band that Harry's in" She said as Harry walked over

"Hi I'm Shanna Cruz" She said shaking their hands

"HARRY!!!" The kids yelled 

"Hey guys!!!!!!" He yelled and picked them up 

"Kids love you??? since when??" Zayn teased causing Bella to giggle a bit 

"Hush" He said

"Whats wrong with Bell??" they asked

"She has something wrong with her tummy" I said 

"Isabella Cruz?" The doctor asked 

"Right here" I said and picked Bella up 

"Can she walk?" He asked

"No sir" Harry stood up and set the kids down 

"I'll take her Lou" He said a grabbed her

"I was at her house and we were eating dinner and she looked hurt so she stood up and she fell down saying her stomach hurt and it wasnt normal" He explained and the doctor nodded and brought out a bed and Harry laid her on it 

"We are going to take you back" The doctor said and started wheeling her down the hallway harry tried to follow but got held back my doctors 

"Shes going to be alright mate" Liam said patting his back 

Niall was playing with autumn while Sam sat quietly on a chair next Harry with his head in his knees 

"Sam are you okay" Edward asked

"I want bell" He said looking up with tears in his eyes

"Its okay honey" Mrs. Cruz said rubbing circles in his back

"Isabella is now aloud visitors shes in room 103" He said and Sam took off running 

"How is a kid that fast??!!" I asked

"He goes training with Bella" Mrs.Cruz  said

"Training???" Harry asked

"She hates telling people but she plays Basketball and Softball" She said

"Cool!" I said as we stopped in front of Bella's hospital room Sam who had a Giant smile and was standing by the doctor  

"Hey guys come on in" the doctor said walking to us

"Is she alright???" Mrs. Cruz asked quitly

"Alright sweetie In a minute I'm going to push gently on your stomach tell me on a scale from one to ten how bad it hurts can you do that?" We heard a lady said

"Yes mam but do you know where my family friends or boyfriend is? we heard Bella ask

"Is this them??" The doctor asked 

Bella's face lit up 

"Yea" she nodded smiling 

"Do you want to show your Mom and Dad what caused it?" The doctor ask

"Um hes not my Dad..... yet but yeah" She said 

"Go ahead and show them your stomach sweetie" The lady said while helping her lift up your shirt to reveal her badly bruised stomach 

The boys and I were completely shocked 

Bella's P.O.V

Edward actually came he actually cares maybe my mom did pick a good guy So apparently when I jumped by guys when I was out training on Friday and all that left was a tiny bruise got bigger and is now  black blue and purple and that hurts like hell

"how did this happen??" Edward asked as they came and gathered around the hospital bed

"When I was training on Friday I got jumped by some guys and they tried taking me but I kicked them and ran as fast I could home and if you dont believe me there's the bruise on my stomach and my ipod screen is cracked from falling" I said pulling down my shirt

Harry's fists were clenched and the boys were shocked

"You sure are lucky" The doctor said 

"Why?????" I asked worried 

"Because if he didnt rush you to the hospital and you hit your stomach you could of gotten internal bleeding which would kill you and it still can" He said 

"WHAT!!!" I yelled I was now freaking out and crying 

Harry sat on the bed and held my hand and kissed my forehead 

"Tests came back negative you have no internal bleeding you are free to go but you need to be careful someone needs to sign the release papers" He said 

"Edward and I will come on kids you'll see your sister at home" My mom said as Edward my mom and siblings left 

"Thanks for coming guys you didn't have to" I said wiping tears away from my eyes 

"We wanted to Bella your technically a sister to us"  Liam said rubbing my leg 

"You are like my older brothers" I said smiling 

"Babe why didn't you tell anyone?" Harry asked as he voice cracked a bit 

"Because last time I check it was only a small bruise I thought it was nothing but now I'm absolutely terrified" I said as more tears came down 

"Your going to be okay we'll help and make sure you dont hurt yourself" Niall said wiping tears away

"Thanks" I said sitting up 

"Lets get you home" Harry said as we walked out to the lobby 

"Mom I'm riding home with Harry" I said as she nodded 

I hugged all the boys bye and Harry and I walked out hand in hand to the car

*Skip walk to the parkinglot*

"Haz can you stay at my house tonight?" I asked hesitantly 

"Yeah love as long as its okay with your Mom and Edward" He said

"I'm just scared something is going to happen when I'm sleeping or when I wake up because they said they would get me when I ran" 

"I won't let anything happen to you I promise" He said pulling into the drive way

We got out of the car and I went and asked my Mom if Harry can stay she said yes and we went inside 

"Can you tuck us in Bell Harry too" Sam asked

Harry smiled

"Of course" I said and we took them upstairs and put them to bed 

"This is my room" I said to Harry as we walked in 

"And you can sleep in these if you dont want to sleep in jeans and that shirt" I said passing him a pair of sweat pants and a t-shit

"Whos are these?"  He asked 

"My cousins Justin's I fell into a lake and he let me have a pair of his sweat pants" I explained 

"Oh okay" He said and went into the bathroom and changed and I went into my walk in closet and changed 

I laid down on the bed and looked a twitter nothing new so I put my phone down as Harry walked out 

"You need to sleep love" He said 

"I know but I cant like I said I'm scared" I said as he turned out the light and laid next to me

"I wont let anything touch you I promise" He said as I laid my head on his chest I took my shirt off and we both fell asleep


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