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  • Published: 13 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 13 Dec 2012
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Historien bag digtet er egentlig knap så trist. En nat vågnede jeg ved at ambulancen holdt udenfor. Jeg blev liggende i sengen, men hørte mine forældre tale om, at min lillebror havde fået et astmaanfald.
Det er noget tid siden nu, men jeg trængte til at få skrevet noget af det ned - Især da det kunne have gået grueligt galt. Jeg elsker dig lillebror! <3

---- (Translation) ----

The story behind this story isn't that sad. But one night I woke up and heard the sound of an ambulance siren. I stayed in bed, but heard my parents talk about, that my little brother had an asthma attack. It happen a while ago, but I needed to write down my feelings somewhere. - Especially because it could have gone much worse. I love you my little brother! <3


1. Sometimes

Sometimes I just sits in my room.

I hear your rasp breath.

Fighting for air.

Sometimes I feel so alone sitting here and watching the moon.

Why can I not help you?

My Little brother.

Sometimes I cry with silenced tears, while I hear mother croon.

I miss your smiles.

Your laughs.

Sometimes I scream without sound, just to let out the fume.

Why does it have to be you?

My Little brother.

Sometimes I just closes my eyes, so I only can see the gloom.

You wanted to be Superman.

Strong and untouchable.

Sometimes I hope, that this darkness will go away, so you can bloom.

Why are you so far away?

My Little brother.

Sometimes I keep reminding my self of that tune.

I hear your song.

You're calling me.

Sometimes I can't hide my feelings, I don't want to visit a tomb.

Why must it be like this?

Please Little brother.

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