murder solving

5 chapters 2 murders can Karthik,chip and bob solve the case before it is to late


1. The dead body

Gemma noticed something strange as she walked through the park she  wanted to know what it was so she went further, closer and then aghhhhhhhhhhh!. Gemma shrieked  as she found a dead body lying between the trees. After she screamed many people rushed towards her to see what she was screaming about. And then they knew what she was screaming about '' I have an idea why don't we call the crime solvers said one person " and soon the crime solvers were here. what is going on karthik asked a body a dead body said the frightened Gemma. 

"look" said rex as he pointed to a knife which had some finger prints on  it  "good work said Bob now if we scan the finger prints we will know who the culprit is. So they hurried of to the lab and scanned the finger prints Sue the computer told them "Sue he died  it can't be him so I guess that did not work. wait there is some bitten marks on the body i know who the suspects are '' but how? because the body has some lip stick so it is a girl. Suspects are Gemma, Holly, Britany i have a idea give them three a apple to bite once  and see who matched the bite on the body so they did that and it worked Holly you are under arrest for murder but why would you murder him? Because he black mailed me. what did he say? He said he will kill me so i killed him. 

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