This is nothing like Youtube

Madyson West is the new youtube sensation. Her videos have been saw by over a million people worldwide. What happens when a few of her veiws are from some "unexpected'' fans? Read to find out in '' This is nothing like youtube''


1. Chapter 1





"Haaaaaaayyy everyone i am Madyson. I LOVE to sing. So my BFF suggested putting some covers on youtube. and what do ya know  i am putting one now well not now i am taking suggestions i like pop music mainly but i like  a bit of rap some country i highly dislike "old'' music old as in 80's anything and lower. Make sure the song has little to no swearing well only mild swearing. Oh and if you think i look young i am 13 but am turning 14 really soon. ahhh cant wait for my birthday  anyway back to the point i will check daily please send me suggestions if i dont get any i will just post a video anyway haha talk to you later''

3 days later



I go to check youtube and think sad thoughts like what if no one ever wants to hear me sing but insted i see 14 comments but only 9 are suggestions the other 5 are complaining that i hate 80's songs the suggestion are Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga , Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen , Die Young by Ke$ha , Want You Back by Cher Lloyd , and Little Things by One Direction . I know this is only 5 songs listed but there were 3 call me maybes 2 want you backs and 2 little things's. I decided to make a video.

"Hey guys thanks for the suggestions but i think die young is a little to ummm out of my age ...yeah i will stick with that as an answer  hahah  other than that the suggestion are great! I will set up my stereo quick  with the instramental for Call me maybe first having that i have the most request for that song.    Okay ahhh my first video of me singing ahhh   

I threw a wish in a call me maybe

next want you back

mm yeah lalala hey boy you never  had much game..........................bbbbbbbb

now uhh little things by the way this is my all time fave song

your hand fits in mine like its made just for me .......... im in love with you and all your little things

lastly boys boys boys lets just hope i still remember the words hahah

hey there suger baby saw you twice at the ............boys boys boys

hey thats all for now please comments the comments keep me going well some coments untill next time bye''

2 months later



"ok guys so i have been looking threw my old videos heres a recap and a helper for all the songs i have sang so far

Want you back,call me maybe,little things,boys boys boys ,airplanes,barbie girl,broken,cant be tamed,circus,dark side,friday,good time,grow up,hello,i wish,irreplaceable,just dance,live your life,love sick,moments,oath ,playa boi, sos, stronger, taken, bubbly

   26 song in two months i think thats a pretty good start and i cant beleive i am up to 498,096 subscribers ahhhhhhhhhhhhh its like a dream come true thanks so much !  i love you all and here is my twitter lots of you have asked for @-------------    untill next time this Madyson coming in live from uhh a my uh bedroom ''

The next day  


       Phone call with Natiya(her bff)

"hey Nodddds''

''sup Madyyy''

"nuting much u gurl''

''not mooooch check yo twiita latly cupcake''

''no shuga plum''

''hahahah we are retards now lets talk human''


''go check your twitter''

''ok ok ''

''you on yet''

''no its been what 7seconds since you said to check it now shut up''

''feisty one rawrrr ''

''i need new friends hhaha''

''but u love me anyway''

''saddly yes''

''u on yet''

''its loa..holy shiiiiiiiitt''


''did you reconize any yet''

''no but i got a message from someone''

''who who who''


''dammit what the hell was that for do u think i need to go deaf''

''you would scream t t to''


'sit down''



''yeas im ready you moron''

''hey i wont tell you with tht mood''




'you know the band i love ''

''saddly yes one direction''

''yes and my favorite one is''


''its louis not lewis i will hurt you and its harry duh''

''yeah go on''


''again with the yelling what did he say ''

''i will read it   hey Madyson i saw your videos your voice is amazing i showed a few videos to the guys and they loved it we asked paul and he said you can get flown out here with 1 extra ticket to bring a parent or friend or whoever you want to come to see us in london we want to hear you sing in person the tickets to fly here are paid for so no worries and you will stay with us at one of our flats. we plan to have you out here for hmm maybe like a week or so maybe more maybe less i am unsure if you decide to come message me back with your email , your phone number , your home address     hope to see you soon Harry xx''


''now i know how you felt''

''who you gonna bring''

''hopefully you if mom lets me even go''

''well go ask''

'ok bye''

'bye call me back with the deets''

''will do bye'


end of call


"Mom come here sit down''

''oh god what did you do Mady''

''nothing but do you know how i have been doing those videos for youtube ''


'well i told them my twitter and i got a message and by the way it can only be from some one who you each follow eachother''


''well i will read this message''


''****reads message**"

"i dont know..''

''mom please can i''

''who are you taking''

''can i take Natiya''

''doesnt she hate them''

'' she doesnt hate them but she wants to go but only if you let her''

''i dont know you are only 14''

''if her mom lets her can she''

''hmmm ''

''mom can i atleat go they are my idols please''

''i guess you can go but i suppose if natiyas mom says so she can go ''

'thank you thank you thank you i will go reply to him and go to natiyas''


*in madys room*\



I decide to reply to harry with "Hey Harry i am an HUGE fan and you dont know how overwelmed i am that you liked my voice let alone all of you my mother said i can go and i am going to see if my friend who got me to start sharing my videos can come with here are the things you requsted   adress:-------------------------  Phone-------------------------- email--------@--- .com   mady xx :)''


*at Natiyas*

knock knock

"hey Madyson wasnt expecting you''

''Hey Sarah  Natiya and i need to talk to you''

''oh uh ok NATIYA''




''sorry to yell natiya supposedly cant hear me up there''

''oh hey Mads"

"Hay Nats''

'so umm why do you guys need to talk to me''

''oh umm you know how i do those videos on youtube well i put my twiiter on there and i got a message from harry styles hes in one direction i get to get flown out to london and i get to take a friend so thats where nats comes in she is the reason i started sharing my videos so i was wondering if she would be able to come my mom is letting me but she said nats can come instead of her but only if you approve  he said a week maybe more maybe less we will be satying with them and they have body guards so we will not get kiddnapped and its paid for by them''

''ok ok so you want me to let natiya go to london and your mom said yes''

''yes this is a  one in a life time deal''

''i dont know ''

''mom please is london''

''oh ok but i want to get a call from you daily and if you get really buisey everyother day''

''thank you so much''

'thank you thank you thank you''

''so when is this trip''

''umm let me see if harry sent me a new message..............uh oh tomorrow''

''ok i trust you mady now you best get home to pack''

''yes and thanks again bye''


*at home**

"what did she say"

''she can go i have to pack its tomorrow''


'yeah they have a tour in a few weeks''

''ok need help packing ''



natiya calls

"hey natiya''

'hey mads what do i pack''

''ummm here ima put you on speaker ''


''ok uhh lets bring a week and a halfs worth of clothes''


''uhhh i will see the weather there ...... ok its mild it not hot but its not cold so pring pants and shorts''

''and sweatshirts and tees''


''welll duh and girly stuff just in case''

''good thinking no embarrasing stains for me haha and make up and bring a fancy out fit just in case''

''swimsuit too never know''

''extra shoes ''








'money money and more money ''

''how much do we bring''

''hmmm i dont know MOM''

''what mads''

''how much money do we bring''

''well  you have 250 in the safe i will give you 250 and you have money on your credit card that should be enough''

''ok i talked to my mom and she said i can bring a credit card  and she will add 150 everyother day''

''ok so are you staying at my place tonight cuz we have LIMOComing 8AM cuz of the long flight we will make it there at 2PM the time difference........(not accurate)''


"ok i asked mom she says i can be right there''



(Natiyas there **next moring* in limo)


"Ahhhhhhh I cant beleve this is real i am accually going to london to see my idols"

"Me neither"'

"Ladies we are at the airport Stanley will lead you to your jet"(driver)

"JET"the girls say simoltaniously

"haha yes"

*on jet*

"hello Ladies this will be a 7 hour flight thank you for choosing London Air and a message from Harold is Text Me when you board the jet"(announcer)

"how will i text him he never gave me his number"

"i dont know go on twitter"

"oh .... here it is a message from him my number is......... call me when u board i will have paul give the jet runner a memo somewhat like this Harry xx"

"u should call him "

"go so we can talk"



"Hey Madyson"[h]

"hey u said to call in the tweet but the announcer said text i dont know so i just called"

"haha i know u called"

"well duh haha so whats up"

"nothing i take it as you are on the jet"

"yeah and i will pay you for the tickets it muust have cost a fortune"

"Your not paying i invited you out so i am paying anyway the money is no big deal i take it as your a fan so u could imagine we get paid"

"well yeah but i am alteast paying for food or something when we get there''

''so your asking me out for dinner"

"haha your 18 i am 14 people would get quite the ideas from that"

"I said dinner  dinner is not nessesarily a date and c'mon so we could all go and THE BOYS AND I WILL PAY''

''jeeze but i have money''

''so do i ''


''haha ya''


"do u have skype and a device on the plane it will work on ''

''yeah ''

''i will text you my name on there''

''ok harry c u soon''

*end call*

"Natiya i am useing you ipad to skype with harry"


**on skype"

"well i havnt talked to you in a while Curly"

"JELOUS sonny''


"madiSON SONny"

"fine i wont call u Curly if u NEVER call me sonny again ''


"so whatcha wanna do''

''Truth or dare"

"I am on a jet and u are well i dont know where u are but you get the point"

"my house and so i can still dare you to do stuff that is plane worthy''

''ok then truth or dare ''


''ummmmmmmmmmmmm I dare you to sing part of the choir to booty wurk by tpain''

''Now let me see that booty work booty work boo oo ooty work''

"hahaha um ur turn''

''truth or dare''

''uhhh dare''

''i dare you to sayyyyyyyyyy...... Harry has the hottest curls i have ever ever ever saw and i love them and wont call harry curly because its not creative enough"



"uhhhh Harry has the hottest curls i have ever ever saw and i wont call him curlyt because its not creatied enough''

''you for got one ever''

''ever there'

'cranky and ur turn''

''truth or dare''


''hahaha revenge i dare you to say I will never call madison West sonny again becaus eis i do i will wake up will one eyebrow ''

'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i will never call lil'Mads sonny again because i do not want one eybrow and that  lil mads west is mean''

''well i should get some rest i am still tired and i will probs be up late and its Mady not lil mads''

"ok see you soon Mady"

"haha bye Harold ''


''haha fine bye harry''




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