The Love Triangle !!!

When Alyssa and friends go to a One Direction concert and falls in love with one of them, her life changes......... FOREVER!!!!


3. Tonight was Amazing

Alyssa POV
I can't believe I just kissed Harry Styles. Was I dreaming?? Someone Pinch Me!!! After The Kiss everyone was looking at us. My face started to turn red and not an a bright red but the red-red. Harry whispered to me saying" stop worrying" We had to leave so they prepare for their entrance. While we we're walking, Amanda asked " Why did you kiss Harry?" I shrugged"he kissed me and it kind of felt right to kiss him..... I mean I guess he was just flirting" "That isn't flirting" said Jesslyn

Harry's POV
Well that was weird. But The Kiss felt right. " Do You like Alyssa?" asked Liam. " I really don't know. She's beautiful and sweet but I don't trust myself" I said. Niall and I we're talking. " Jesslyn is very pretty and hilarious" said Niall. I wasn't really paying attention since I was replaying in my head what just happened between me and Alyssa. I really don't wanna hurt her. She's too fragile. She had told me everything that had happened in her life. How she was abandoned when she was born, how her first boyfriend used her,and how she found us. I really didn't want to hurt her.
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