The Love Triangle !!!

When Alyssa and friends go to a One Direction concert and falls in love with one of them, her life changes......... FOREVER!!!!


2. Kiss You

Alyssa's POV
So we are sitting backstage in their dressing rooms and we are very excited but more Amanda! She's nervous because she doesn't know what to say when they come. I'm just sitting here waiting for them to come and going on my Twitter and Facebook. Jesslyn is looking around seeing if you can steal something from the boys and Ophir is just standing ther waiting for anything to happen. I suddenly hear a creak and get off my phone. I see them.....

Harry's POV

When the boys and I go to our dressing room, we see pretty hot girls. But they just keeping staring at us. Suddenly the very hot girl breaks the silence by saying " Hi I'm so sorry if we looked like we were creeping you out, My name is Alyssa and these are my friends Amanda,Jesslyn,and Ophir"
"We'll yea but I"ll forgive you since your really hot" I said. She started blushing, she looked so cute. Lets just see how it works out. I see all of the other girls and boys hitting it off. Amanda and Liam are sitting there talking. Jesslyn and Niall are doing a contest on who can't eat more cheeseburgers, no wonder they look really good together. Ophir is talking too Louis. And I'm here with Alyssa taking random pics. We are making different kind of Faces like fishy faces and sticking our tounges out. I just wanted to kiss her and run my fingers through her beautiful hair. The next pic, I took the chance to kiss her and when I did the pic looked amazing. Her face looked shocked and then I said" I am so sorry for doing that I didn-". She cut me off by continuing to Kiss Me. This was the best moment ever.
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