if you an imagine then please leave ur name and pick a boy

these will be short and long imagines

thanks xx


3. Kelly And Niall

Today was valentines day you get a text from your best bud Niall

Hey Kelly, its my day off so do you want to come round and have a movie day catch up?xxx

Hey and shall i come in 30 minsxxx

yep cat wait to see you xxx

haha me too xx

30mins later

hey niall (K)

hey, come in  (N)

so what shall we watch (k)

well we could watch the notebook(N)

okay but don't laugh at me when i cry (K)

don't worry babe i won't and chuckles (N)


You are sniffing in to a pillow when you feel  someone hug you 

what was that for 

well i am sorry, i can't have princes crying .

what do yo mean princess

well its hard to say this but kelly i love you

what really well i love you too I've missed yo

I've m..... you kiss him passionately and pull away and say s does this mean your my valentine Niall 

 yes i will always be you valentine kelly ...

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