if you an imagine then please leave ur name and pick a boy

these will be short and long imagines

thanks xx


8. Emma and Liam

You and you best friend Jessie were Christmas shopping until someone bumped into you and made you drop your bags and you fall on you

oh sorry i wasn't look he says giving me his hand

i toke the hand and said to myself OMD its Liam Payne you should look where you're going 

look i'm sorry , hey r u a fan he looks at my top which says love Liam 

i blush em yeah , sorry i acted like that earlier

its okay , look i have to go now , but here's number so text me maybe Liam says with a grin on his face i giggled 



Jessie do you think i should text him?

not sure he might of forgotten you no offence she mutters

Shall we go to Nandos

yeah i say happily


We were eating when some tapped my shoulder  i turn to see Liam

hi why didn't you call he says

em , well i thought you forgot

why would i forget you,you're beautiful he says with a grin on his face

thanks i blush 

1 week later 

the doorbell went off 

hey Liam come in 

i want to ask you something 

go ahead

well i feel like i have known you forever so will you be my girlfriend he say s while tucking a piece of hair behind your ear

yes!!! you blush and kiss him passionately 



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