if you an imagine then please leave ur name and pick a boy

these will be short and long imagines

thanks xx


4. Amira and Louis

you are in the bathroom sobbing over a pregnancy test its positive and you don't know how to tell your boyfriend Louis at the moment Louis is out Christmas shopping with Harry you 

You hear a knock on the door

"babe are you okay"

"yeah yeah i am fine" , i lie

"can i come in" 

yeah" , he sits on the floor opposite me 

"i know u lied Amira , please tell me the truth" 

"okay well here it goes "you give him the stick he stands up

"please don't leave me Louis" 

"babe i am not leaving you i am over the moon but i just need to think

come here let me help you up" he helps me up and gives you a kiss

and a hug trying not to hug you to tight , he opens the bathroom door .

"Louis where r u going?"

"to harry's the boys are there, i'm going to tell them but only if you want me too why dont you come with me." he kisses you cheek 

"yeah go and i am a bit tired so i think i am going to go be d" i sigh 

"alright bye love" he kisses you then ur belly 



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