I Want You

When Justin Bieber falls in love with an ordinary girl from Manhattan, he does everything possible to keep her in his life.
Being a super star is tough, especially when your in love with someone who isn't famous.


14. Would You Like To Dance?

Justin's POV-

**Later That Night**

We just arived at the club that I was taking Amber to dance. I got out of the car and we walked inside.

We got inside, payed, and went right to the dance floor. A slow song was playing, then I realized it was Be Alright by me. haha. Of course!

As we got to the dance floor Amber wrapped her arms around my neck and I grabbed her waist as we started to dance. I was whipering the lyrics in her ear and I felt her smile.

The song ended and 'I Like It Like That' by; Hot Chelle Rae came on.

Everyone was dancing like crazy.

I lead Amber to a table. It was Valentines Day and I had one more surprise for her.

We sat down and I started the conversation, "I have another thing for you, but it's a question."

"What is it?" She asked, her eyes widening.

"Would you like to move in with me?" I asked, and I could see even through the darkness she was blushing a very bright red.

"Yes. YES! YES!" She started yelling excitedly.

I laughed, "Okay, now, lets go dance!" I yelled over the music.

"Okay." She yelled.

We were dancing as I went in and kissed her. It was a perfect Valentines Day!


Well, that's what I thought anyway, what ruined it was what we heard on the news later that night....


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