I Want You

When Justin Bieber falls in love with an ordinary girl from Manhattan, he does everything possible to keep her in his life.
Being a super star is tough, especially when your in love with someone who isn't famous.


9. Taking It To Twitter

Justin's POV-

"How about we take it to twitter to see what my fans think?" I asked Amber, who was sitting next to me on my couch.

"Sure." She said, with that adorable cheeky smile on her face.

I logged onto twitter and tweeted, 'Wanted u all 2 no that im very happy with my new gf @amber243 i hope u all like her!'

Amber's phone beeped, "Oh one new tweet, hmm wonder who thats from." She said, winking.

"Wanted you all to know that i'm very happy with my new girlfriend Amber, I hope you all like her!" She read aloud, "Well, I do hope they like me."

"Trust me, they'll like you." I said, kissing her on the cheek, "Let's take a picture and post it on Instagram!"

"Okay." She said.

I pulled out my phone and opened Instagram. I took a picture of me kissing her on the cheek and uploaded it, my caption was 'Chillin with the best girl ever!'

Amber's phone beeped again and she got on her Instagram, "Don't judge, yeah im following you on Twitter and Instagram." She said winking, "Awe! I'm making that my screen saver, text it to me!"

I texted to her, and just then tweets started flooding in.

"Let's check out some of the tweets!" I said.

Amber checked her phone, "Woah, I already have one thousand tweets!"

We got on and checked them, i'm goona reply to as many nice ones and maybe some rude ones as I can!

I tweeted again, 'Twitter spree, goona be tweetin back some fans 2day!!xx'

I tweeted and tweeted and tweeted, I think we tweeted all day.


There was one special tweet that caught my eye that meant the most to me, it was the sweetest tweet ever.

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