I Want You

When Justin Bieber falls in love with an ordinary girl from Manhattan, he does everything possible to keep her in his life.
Being a super star is tough, especially when your in love with someone who isn't famous.


17. Krissy King's 'Special' Question

Krissy King's POV-

I was waiting for Justin to arrive, I guess he never knew about the interview or something.

I heard the door open and he walked in, "Ahh Justin, come on!" I said patting his chair.

He walked over and sat down, "I'm sorry, I never knew about the interview. Me and Amber were making dinner." I said.

"Okay. It's fine, your here now aren't you?" I asked.

"Ye-" I cut him off, "We are starting in 3-2-1." And I started the interview.

"Here with us today is none other than Justin Bieber, we have some very special questions for him today." I announced.

Justin's POV-

When she said special questions I felt my stomache drop, this isn't goona be good.

"So Justin, what's the news with Amber, I saw it on the TV last night." She said, I felt my stomache drop even farther, I felt like I was goona puke.

"Well, yes she is my girlfriend, but I haven't had any parties or any 'session' in bed or anything. I know that my fans and family would never believe that so whatever." I said. I was really not feeling good.

"Okay, are you okay? You don't look like your feeling to good." Krissy asked.

"Yeah, i-i'm fine, I just don't feel that great right now." I said wrapping my arms around my stomache, I felt natious.

"Okay, let's take a commercial break." Krissy said.

Scooter walked in, "Justin, whats wrong?" He asked.

"I feel really natious. My stomache hurts." I said.

"Can you go on with the interview?" He asked worried.

"I-I don't know." I said.

Scooter walked over and felt my head, "Your burning up!"

I groaned, "Where's your bathroom?"

"Over there." Krissy said pointing to a door in the corner.

"Thanks." I said, running over to it.

I sat on the floor by the toilet, I felt it coming. Then I threw up.

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