I Want You

When Justin Bieber falls in love with an ordinary girl from Manhattan, he does everything possible to keep her in his life.
Being a super star is tough, especially when your in love with someone who isn't famous.


6. Kidnapped

Justin's POV-

They are always invading my privacy. Always getting into my life. This time it was going to far.

I was trying to get away from them, they always change a story into something else. The most recent story is that somebody told a reporter they know me and that I have a new hobby- Smoking weed all day, all night, all the time. I never stop.- Hmm okay for one thing, you dont know me, and for another thing HOW DO I SMOKE WEED ALL OF THE TIME NON STOP IF I'M DOING A TOUR, INTERVIEWS, AND HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE ALL THE TIME???

I dont understand these people. How do they come up with these stories? Why do they lie? Oh wait, I know....THEY GET MONEY FOR IT!

I started to hyperventilate. I had to get out of here. I tried to get into the car but I couldn't. They were everywhere. I was shaking, shaking very bad, it was uncontrolable.

I was looking around, trying to find even the smallest place to get away.

I found a little gap between some photagraphers. I had to do it.

I darted for it, and I made it, almost. They closed the gap because they knew what I was doing on they pushed me to the ground. I hit my head really hard and now my elbow has a big gash in it.

"Owe!" I yelled, they looked down at my and laughed.

"You ain't goin' no where Bieber." One of the photagraphers said.

He picked my up, flung my on his shoulder and started carrying me away. I started struggling, trying to get free, but I couldn't.

I guess I was being kidnapped...........somebody HELP ME!

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