I Want You

When Justin Bieber falls in love with an ordinary girl from Manhattan, he does everything possible to keep her in his life.
Being a super star is tough, especially when your in love with someone who isn't famous.


7. Get Away

Justin's POV-

I woke up in a dark room, I couldn't see anything.

A door on the other side of the room opened, I closed my eyes and acted like I was still out, just to hear what they would say.

"He's still out!" A guy yelled angrily.

"What if he's dead?" Another guy, who sounded a little younger, asked.

"He's not dead you idiot he's breathing." The older man said.

"Sorry." The younger one said.

"We'll come back in, in an hour to check on 'im. Come on." The older one said.

I heard the door close and I opened my eyes.

'So there's a door right there' I though to myself.

I tried to get up but my legs were tied together.

'Idiots' I thought, they didn't tie my hands together.

I grabbed onto a shelf that they leaned me against and pulled myself up. I saw a small window, I darted twoards it and opened it, I squeezed through it and fell about three stories, I hit my head again.

"Ugghhh." I moaned, rubbing my head.

I got up and ran away, as far as I could. I tripped and cut open my knee, but I didn't care, I just had to get back to Amber, I hope she's okay.


I couldn't live without her.

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