I Want You

When Justin Bieber falls in love with an ordinary girl from Manhattan, he does everything possible to keep her in his life.
Being a super star is tough, especially when your in love with someone who isn't famous.


29. Date Night

Justin's POV-

I pulled up to the parking lot next to the brigde to the park.

"Okay, I'll help you to it, but you have to keep your eyes closed." I said to Amber.

"Okay." She said smiling.

I got out, walked around, and opened up Amber's door, "Here, give me your hand." I said.

I walked her over to the table I had set up on on the middle of the bridge, it was candle lit and I made sure that it was a time that nobody would be here, it was 10:45pm, all the kids would be in bed by now.

I sat her down at her seet, pushed her in, walked around, and sat down at my seat. "Okay, open up your eyes." I said.

She opened them and gasped, "Justin! Oh my gosh! It's amazing. It's so breautiful,I mean, we are sitting over a river on a bridge! Oh my gosh, thank you!" She said.

I picked up the picnic basket I had brough with me and sat it on the table, "Even better, it's a picnic!" I said.

"Thank you!" She said, all she could do was smile.

When we were done eating I took her on a walk.

"What about the table and stuff on the bridge?" She asked.

"I'll pick it up when we go back to the car." I said.

We were walking hand in hand, he fingers intertwined with mine.

It started sprinking rain. Oh well, atleast it wasn't a lot.

I turned to face Amber, "Amber, I have loved you since I first layed eyes on you. I knew that you were the person I wanted to spend my life with since our first date. I have had many kisses, but our first kiss was y far the best, and my favorite. I truly love you." I told her, looking right into her eyes. She smiled.

"Justin, I have known since the first time I met you that we were going to have something special. I love you sooo much. I have had plently of kisses, too. But yours blew me away. The one we had earlier before I went to change made me have butterflies in my stomach, it was so amazing. I don't know, it just showed me that we have something special, and that nobody in the world can replace it." She told me.

I smiled and reached ino my pocket, nobody knew, not even my mom, she just thinks I had a special night planned, but really, I had gotten her a promise ring.

I took the box out and opened it up, "Will you take this promise ring, and be mine?" I asked.

She smiled, "Yes! Yes YES!" She said starting to cry. She put her hand out and I slid it on her finger, "Where's yours?" She asked.

I put out my hand, she smiled, "I didn't want you to notice, so I didn't use this hand the whole day." I said.

I started pouring rain, perfect time to have a kiss in the rain.

I leaned forward and kissed her, she kissed back, then we started making out. I had never had a kiss in the rain, or made out with Amber yet.

She pulled away and smiled, I smiled, too. "Wow." Was all I could say.

"I love you." She said, and hugged me, we stood there hugging in the rain. I knew some paparazzi would find us, but not a lot, that was one of the reasons I picked the park, to have privacy.

I don't care if some paparazzie took pictures of us, just not like fifty people here taking pictures, and asking questions.

I saw a couple flashes, I turned around and saw some paparazzi, but only like five, so it was all good.

I smiled for some, and so did Amber. Then we walked to the car. I picked up the table, and put it in the trunk of my car. (it was one of those foldable metal tables. And so were the chairs, let's just say I took care of everything.)

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