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1. life


"RING RING" my alarm clock ranged. UGH...... i said its 5am. I ran to the shower while i was talking to myself saying that today i  only have one class soo after that one class go to the storage building and get the rest of my stuff. After my shower i went to my room and checked my phone and saw what time it was, it was 5:30am. I changed into a long white sleeve shirt with a black vest, also but skinny jeans on. I went to go grab my straightener and ran to the bathroom and ran back to my room to get the hair drier, then went to the bathroom again. I quickly blow dried my hair and straightened every pieace of my hair, it was 6:20am. Before i left i called my mom if she was going to come and vist.Sadly she said no, she kept on telling me to go vist her instead, i told her i couldnt i had alot of stuff to do, she hung up the phone. Then i left my apartment. It was six fifty. While i was driving i forgot to eat breakfast, so decied to go to the gas station to get choclate milk and some crackers. Then went back to my car and went to my school [college]. Then saw all my friends. Then our class started. Once our class was over my friend, Yasmin invited me to go to her apartment to have some girl time. But i told her if we could do it later since i have to finish unpacking. Yasmin said yea sure what time. I told her like well ill txt you like in my lunch time. She said yea sure. In the storage building i picked up my stuff, I had alot off stuff  to carry to my car. I thought that it wouldnt fit in my car at all. So i took 3 trips to the storage building to my apartment. Once i got all my stuff into my apartment i started putting stuff away. Then i took a break so i started frying some chicken with some french fries. While i was eating i grabbed my phone and txted my friend, Yasmin i told her that i will meet her at 8pm in her apartment. 2min later she txted back and said yea sure want to go to the club!?!. I txted back and said yea sure. So i ate really quick and finished unpacking. Then i had to take a second shower to get my hair untangled. Soo i put on a mini skirt on with my favorite top and do my makeup on and when my hair was dried i straightened my hair and teased it. Then i had a miss call from my guy friend named drake he said hey what r ur plans tomorrow, i didnt txt back cause i knew he was drunk. Then i picked my cute higheels. Then grabbed my purse and left to Yasmin's apartment. I knocked in the door and saw eachother in the same time we said that we look good then giggled. She told me to come in, so i went inside her apartment it was really nice. Yasminn said just wait for 10 more min. I told her to take her time. She was just doing her make up. After she was done she said  what car we should take. I told her either one is fine. She askef me if we could take my car i said sure. She said thanks hun. We went to my car and then we got there the guy asked us for our ID and then let us in. Once we got in there it was soo cool we sat in a table. Then we took some drinks then we both danced together. Then someone bumped into me and then i saw it was zayn from one direction. Then he looked into my eyes and said sorry and then i said its okay. then we stared at eachother for a little. I was a one direction fan but i didnt want to sound like a freak so i said excuse me and i walked back to the bathroom.

ZAyn P.O.V

I cant stop thinking of her she is very pretty i dont want to ask her out cause i just dont go for looks so i decied to ask to dance later. I went to my friend liam and i told him that i bumped in into a girl and she was pretty and i also told him that there was something saying inside of me that she is the one for me but i told him that i wanted to know her.

Izzy P.O.V

Once i went to the bathroom my friend followed me and said are you okay? Then i said yea im okay i juss think he's  cute and i dont know but i think he is the one for me something told me that he was the one. Then i told her i dont have a chance with him he is from one direction. After i walked out the bathroom i saw him i caught him looking at him then my friend and i were juss sitting down and talking.

Zayn P.O.V

I pulled harry aside and told him the same what i told liam and then he said wow and then i told him that if he wanted ask his friend to dance since she wouldnt be alone cause i am going to ask her to dance. HArry said okay. Harry and i went to them and HArry asked Yasmine to dance then yasmin said sure they were talking once harry went and danced i sat down where her friend was sitting and i asked her what was her name she said my name is isabella but all my friends call me izzy. I said well my name is zayn nice to meet u and then she said same here.

Izzy P.O.V

I was thinking im really shy i got soo nervous well he sat down and started talking. But he seems really nice and cute. Then he asked me to dance and i started blushing and said yea. Then we went to the dance floor it was weird juss dancing. Then he asked me if i liked going here then i said yea its okay. THen he was saying about his life. He was AMZAYING.

Zayn P.O.V

i was telling her that she looked very pretty. i was hoping that she felt the same way as i feel about her. She was a very good dancer. THen she asked me if i come here often then i said yea i come every fridays and sometimes saturdays. Then i asked her for her number and gave it to me and then i asked her if she mined if i txted her tonight she said anytime you want to txt me do it. Then i gave her a hug and kissed in the cheek and then she left well first she went to get yasmin and then harry got her number.

Izzy P.O.V

I told YAsmin that it was a amzaying day then she said soo how was zayn and you then she said then i said it wass awesome we talked danced and the best part was that he got my number and he kissed me in the cheek and hugged me. the yasmin said wow then umm it was awesome harry is soo sweet.

Zayn P.O.V

she WAS amzaying i told harry he told me the same about yasmin.



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