younge love

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2. falling in love

Izzy P.O.V

Once i dropped of yasmin in her house i told her thank you for inviting me. Yasmin said no problem. Then i headed to my apartment i put on some shorts and a t-shirt on and but my hair in a bun. Afrer that i took my phone to the kitchen and ate some ceral and then i got a text message from zayn saying: HEy beautiful its zayn hope you had a great day well im in my apartment umm i was wondering if your not tired if you are its okay i could go to your place and rent movies and watch them with u harry and yasmin.? i Txted back well i already dropped of yasmin unless you want me to pick her up and bring harry with you. he txted back yea if its okay with you. then i said ya. i told yasmin to come over and she txted okay. Once yasmin got here she came i told her that the boys were coming she said okay she asked me if she could borrow some shorts and a t-shirt i said yea. ONce harry and zayn got here they both said i had a nice place and i said thxs and i went to  get two blankets one for each well not each you know what i mean since i had to couches harry and yasmin shared one and zayn and did then i was like then i was trying not to move my head to zayns shoulder. But zayn put his arm on me so he told me that i could lay me head on him then i put my head on him and then i look up at him and the we stare at eachother then we got closer and then i put my head closer to his and then we kissed in the lips we were making our for awhile. harry and yasmin were talking very quietly. Then zayn and i were talking and we got tired and harry and zayn had to go then harry and yasmin went in the hallway to say goodbye and zayn and i were inside saying goodbye he gave me a hug and kissed me and told me that he was glad that he met me. Then he was heading to the door untill i grabbed his hand and hugged him again and then gave a long french kiss. Then he said that he was going to txt me when gets home. And then i said can i get one more hug then he hugged me again then i told him that i was going to miss him. THen he headed to the door and then told harry to go that they had to go. Then they lefft then yasmin went inside my apartment and asked if she could spend the night i told her yea. We went to my room and went to the bed and juss layed there and then zayn txted me hey beautiful im home well have a good night sleep<3 i love u then i said love u to.

zayn P.O.V

when i got the txt that she loved me i was happy to hear that then harry asked me if he could stay in my apartment i said ya....  then they went to bed.

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