The Game of Life

What do you do when you're stuck in a world you can't get out of?
When your brain is controlled by a society if you're poor.
When a game show decides if you live.
Or if you die....


1. No Beginning

"You're going to have to make a choice." The woman's eyes dart around the room, looking at anything, anyone, but me. Her eyes glint threateningly, and make my heart skip a beat. I look into her eyes, willing her to understand what I'm thinking, but she doesn't - or if she does, she doesn't say anything back. I think hard. How can I be in this position? How can I literally have my life in my own hands, decided by a question. I jump as the lady starts to talk again, after a deathly silence. But she's not talking to me. She's talking to the camera.

"Looks like the little madam is taking a bit long to decide!" Everyone in the white studio laughed bitterly. It was fake, though. I could see that clearly. I looked to my side and saw a man, holding up a white sheet of thin card, on which stood: 'LAUGH' - next to him, were two men armed with knives. I shivered, then jumped again as she started to talk again.

"We'll see you again after the break, folks! Let's hope Missy here has made up her mind!" The theme tune plays, and the director yells, "CUT!". The woman struts off for some more 'CLDs'. I've always wondered what CLDs taste like. CLDs are Calorie Losing Drinks, and are only available to women over 21. But there's no time to think about CLDs. My life is on the line here. I think back to my eighth birthday - the day it all started.   My eighth birthday - 2094. I remember it so clearly; it was the day I was to be reinvented. In short, it is when your parents choose five traits to take away from you, and five to give you. Everyone at school had already been reinvented, but I have an Augustino birthday, so I was last. The problem was; the better the trait, the higher the cost. The worse the trait, the lower the cost. For example; to give your child beauty costs 80,000 tarpees, but to give them the simple gift of brains is just 1. But nobody wants brains, so nobody picks that. But it gets slightly more complicated. Yous see, you can also do 'The Swap' - The Swap is free - you trade in a GT (Good Trait), and you could either get a UT (Unique Trait - a trait so fantastic that nobody else has it - it also protects you throughout your whole life) or you could get a DT (it's supposed to stand for 'Danger Trait' but everyone calls it the 'Death Trap). Mind you, nobody knows what is is - if your parents tell you, they die immediately. Now that Base has created the new system where they control everything you say, they can kill you immediately. All we knew was that if in The Swap, we got a DT, we would almost certainly have died by 16. But with all the traits, there's a catch. You don't know what you have until you die. I'm pretty close to death right now.

And I'm pretty sure I know what I have...

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