They don't know about us

A girl moves to London with her family. She get a new neighbor and immediately falls in love with with him but the one problem is they must keep their relationship a secret read the book to find out what happens


2. What Just happend?

Cats P.O.V.
As I walked out of the cafe to see which way he went he was already gone. I realized that he look a lot like Harry Styles. When I returned home I got in the lift and punched in my floor number. The door then opened and Harry walked in. He looked at me and said, "I met you not to long ago at the cafe just around the corner." I paused for a second, "Yeah we did and thanks again for paying for me I promise to pay you back." "No it's okay don't bother take it as a erm... gift." Harry said. I finally reached my floor and realized he came out following behind me. "I'm guessing you live on the forth floor too." Said cat. "Yeah do u wanna come in for a bit?" I wasn't going to turn down freaking Harry Styles now was I. "Umm sure I guess I can stay for a little." He opens the door to his flat. When I waked in I notice his was a lot nicer, bigger, and cleaner than mine was. We sat down at a table and drank some tea. He stared at me for a minute and began sipping his tea again. 'So cat tell me about yourself.' Well what do you want to know? I asked. 'I don know anything.' Said Harry. "Well I am from Florida I'm 18 and erm.. that's basically it I'm not that much of an exciting person." I thought to myself for a second why did I say that I sounded like a compleat idiot! "That can't be all to you." Said Harry. "Well it is," said Cat. He than began to stare into my eyes. I looked at his beautiful green eyes and nearly fainted. "Is there something your no telling me?" I felt like he could tell that there was something bothering me. Then I began to cry. He belt me close and stated rubbing my back. "Do you want to talk about it?" Asked Harry. "Erm I rather not at least not right now maybe another k?" "Okay but I am always here I you ever need to talk k?" "Okay" I said but giggling a little this time. I looked at the time and realized I had to go if my mum were to find out she would flip. I grabbed my jacket and headed for the door. Before I walked out he then asked me for my number. Harry Styles was asking me for my number! I stuttered a little bit and said "Uh-u-uh yeah" I gave him my number and he did he would call me. I walked out the door with the biggest smile on my face.
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