They don't know about us

A girl moves to London with her family. She get a new neighbor and immediately falls in love with with him but the one problem is they must keep their relationship a secret read the book to find out what happens


4. My suprise!

Catherine's P.O.V I got home took a shower and thought about what just happened today. I'm guessing I am Harry Styles girlfriend now. I liked the sound of that. I came out and threw on something comfy since the party doesn't start till 8. My mom then walked in and gave me the biggest smile. I asked her what was going on and told me that she had a surprise for me down in the lobby. She rushed me out the door and I walked down to the lobby. On my way I bumped into Louis in the lift. "Hey your Catherine Harrys lady friend" he said in a childish way. "Umm.. yeah I guess you can say that?" I said." Are you coming to my party tonight?" he asked. "Yeah!" I said. "Great I will see you then" said Louis. When I reached the lobby I saw my two best friends Lauren, Gracie and Lauran. We all ran to each other and had a big group hug. We all walked back up to my flat and I couldn't believe they were here. They were excited to be here but they were even more excited to know that they were in the same place as the boys of One Direction. What they didn't know is that they were in the same building as them. "Oh my gosh guys we have a lot of catching up todo." Said Gracie. I shook my head in agreement and told them to pace them selves about what I was about I too them. The room fell silent as they both stared at me. Okay guys don't freake out but the boys from One direction live in this very Hotel too. "SHUT UP" they all screamed out "No joke they live here" I said. I continued on and told them everything that has happended these past couple of day. They didn't believe me when I told them I was kind of harry styles girlfriend. I told them about the party tonight and they got all excited but then again they thought I wa making it all up. To try and prove to that u was telling the truth so I texted harry asking if they could come along too he said of course and I showed them all the messages they still thought I was making this all up. Harry then texted me again and said that he would e here in about 30 minutes! I started to panic and told the girls we only have 30 minutes to get ready they thought it was a waste of time and told me just give it up. I stood an said "Fine! But when harry gets here dont think you will be able to get ready". They soon followed me and we all got ready together we manage to get ready just in time when I heard a knock on the door I panicked a little was I dressed properly? I just decided to wing it and I opens the door when the girls say it was harry their mouthes dropped. Harry just stood their scanning me from head to toe. "So are we ready to go ladies?" He said. Lauren, Gracie and Lauran were still standing there a little puzzeled at what was going on. He let this girl walk out in front of us as he held the door open for us. Lauren , Gracie and Lauran giggle in a cute way knowing that harry is attracted to girl that giggle. As I laughed at them in my head and smiled he then grabbed me by wrist and pulled me in for a kiss. Chills went all down through my spine and he whispered in my ears "You look beautiful Catherine." I blushed a little and we walked ou with our intwined hands. He opend the door to his car for us and I sat in the front while the rest if them all sat in the back. I don't know why but I had a feeling like this was going to be a crazy night.

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