They don't know about us

A girl moves to London with her family. She get a new neighbor and immediately falls in love with with him but the one problem is they must keep their relationship a secret read the book to find out what happens


1. Moving Day

Alright everyone lets go we have a long flight ahead of us. "Mum do we have to go i am going to miss all my friends and i actually have a life here" said Cat. "Of course we have to go this will be good for you, you will love it there" said Cat's mum. They a boarded the plane and flew to London. When they finally arrived and made it to their new home Cat began to cry because she missed her friends and her old home. Her mum came up to her and said, "Sweetie it will be okay trust me you will love it here I promise, now get to bed." The next morning Cat woke up bright and early and got dressed. She left their apartment and went out for a long walk. She began to notice she was starving and tried to find the nearest café to try and get something to eat. She finally found one two blocks from her apartment. She walked into the café and ordered her food. "That will be £9.00," said the cashier. Cat reached into her pocket and noticed she had no money. "Erm it seems that I have forgot my money at home so.." The boy behind her took a step in front of her began to pay for her. "Um..  Thanks but you didn't have to do that" said Cat. "It's no big deal" said the stranger. "You don't seem to know your way around here very well do you? "Well I just moved here.. and what's your name" asked Cat. "Harry" he replied in his thick yet adorable accent. "And you are?" "Cat" she replied. Well I'll see you around, said Harry.


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