They don't know about us

A girl moves to London with her family. She get a new neighbor and immediately falls in love with with him but the one problem is they must keep their relationship a secret read the book to find out what happens


5. Louis party

Harry's P.O.V

We all hoped into the car and we were on our way. I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. Her friends weren't looking to bad themselves. When we arrived to the party we all met up with the boys. I immediately saw Niall's eyes scan one of Cats friends like a radar. "Boys this is Cat, Lauren, Gracie and Lauran. They all said hi but Niall had his eyes glued to Gracie like he was under her spell or something. "Umm you okay?" Gracie asked. "No, no I'm fine I just... I just.. You have really beautiful eyes" said Niall. I could see her cheeks turn red and her blush a little. Everyone noticed. Her face started to turn a little red of embarrassment. "Here let me get you drink" said Niall as he took her hand and walked her to the bar. "Don't get her too drunk now!" Zayn yelled in a funny way. Everyone watched as the walked away from us. As I tried to pull on Cats had so I could get her alone Liam barged in and started talking to her and asking all these questions. He than looked over at Cats friend Lauren and started talking to her and flirting with her. Soon enough he had taken her hand and they went out on the dance floor. It was now down to me Cat, Louis, Zayn, and Lauran. I could see by the look in Zayn's eye he wanted Lauran so bad. Louis began to notice it too. Louis quickly grabbed Lauran's arm and walked her too the dance floor. I could see the tears start to fill in his eyes a little. He then walked over to the bar and me and Cat were finally alone. Well not quite. "Well that was a little awkward don't you think?" Cat said. I chuckled a little and said, "Yeah a little." I looked deep in to her eyes and grabbed her hand. "Were are you taking me" she said. "Just follow me." She did as I said and began to follow me never letting our hands part. "Were are we go-" I cut her off and placed my hands over her eyes and whispered in her ears "Don't open till I say so okay?" She shook her head and nodded I leaded her outside were I could see her start to shiver. "Okay open."

Cat's P.O.V

When I opened my eyes there was an amazing view of all of London, well most of it. "Harry this is gorgeous!" I said. He smiled and put his arms around my waist and looked with me. "I just really wanted you to see this" said Harry. "And I'm glad you showed me" I said. He grabbed my by my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. I put my hands on face and he began to pull me in tighter. I then pulled away even though I wanted that moment to never end. "We should probably get back to the party before Louis thinks we ditched his party." I said, "You are probably right," he said. When we walked back in there was Lauran and Louis already on the couch making out like nobody else  was even there. Liam and Lauren were still dancing and having a laugh and Gracie and Niall seemed like they were hitting it off since they too were now dancing and laughing and goofing around. We all just hanged out and had a good time. When everybody else left me Harry, Liam, Niall, Lauran, Gracie, Louis, Lauren, and Zayn all stayed to help Lou clean up. When we all finished we all decided to go out to grabbed something to eat. We Stopped at a sandwich shop just around the corner. We all ate our food had a couple of laughs here and there and had a really good night till we had to leave the shop. Paparazzi and a couple of fans were flooded out side with there flashing lights and questions. "Harry! Harry! is that you girlfriend!?" "Louis is that girl your girlfriend?" "LOU SHOW ME YOUR ASS!" "Liam, Niall I see you to have found a special lady!" The boys held on to our hands as they tried to cut through all the people. Its like we were mobbed! We finally managed to find our way to the car and we all hoped in but Liam, Lauren, Louis and Lauran all went in one car, while me Harry Zayn and Niall and Gracie all went in another. We were all very tired and all decided we would all just crash at Lou's flat. Me and the girls all went back to my flat to go and get some stuff we needed. We grabbed our onesie's and extra stuff we needed then headed back to Lou's. We all were extremely tired and we all just fell asleep. Gracie was snuggled up to Niall in the spare bedroom, Lauren was snuggled up to Liam in the guest room, and Lauran was snuggled up under Lou's arm in Louis room. Zayn was passed out on the couch. Before I knew Harry was no where to be found. I began to look for him and still there was no site of Harry. Soon enough he had snuck but behind me and covered my eyes. I had let out a slight gasp but then turned around and let out a sigh of relief. "You scared the living Jesus out of me!" He laughed and smirked. He took my hand and led me to another room. When he opened the door he had set up a blow out mattress for us to sleep on since all the other rooms were taken. He plopped on the mattress and I followed him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. He  began to whisperer in my ear and said. "I have never loved someone so much in my whole life. Catherine... I love you" I turned around to face him. I began to blush and said, "And I have never been so attracted to someone so much before.. I love Harry I really do. I love you for you not because your Harry Styles. I love you because you are Harold Edward Styles no some pop star." He kissed my forehead and smiled. "aw baby I love you some much" he said in his sleepy voice.  Before I knew it he had already fallen fast asleep and I had also fallen asleep while listening to his slow soft breathing. That night may have been a little crazy but I had still managed to fall asleep with a smile on my face. 

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