They don't know about us

A girl moves to London with her family. She get a new neighbor and immediately falls in love with with him but the one problem is they must keep their relationship a secret read the book to find out what happens


3. Getting to know each other

Harry's POV I woke up realizing it was 9:35. I grabbed my phone and called Cat. Cat: Hello? Harry: Hey good morning. Cat: Oh hey what's up. Harry: Are you busy today? Cat: Nope I'm free why? Harry: I was wondering if today you would want to come over and we could just hangout. Cat: umm yeah sure why not what time should I be over? Harry: whenever works is 10:00 Okay? Cat: yeah it's perfect Harry: Okay well see you then bye love. Cat: bye. I soon jumped out of bed and got ready. By the time I was done I heard a knock on the door. It was only 9:50 so I was a little shocked that she would come early. I quickly ran to go and open it and to find that it was only Louis. "Oh hey mate..." I said in complete disappointment ,"What are you doing here?" "oh I just wanted to stop by and say hi but since you don't want to see me then I will leave." said Louis. "No, No I was just expecting it to be Cat she's coming over today." "Oh well then I will leave you too it, but I just wanted to say party at my flat tonight k mate? and you can bring your little lady friend." said Louis. I chuckled a little at the way he said lady friend but excepted his invitation. "All right then I will see you there!" I closed the door and  trying to make my flat look as neat as possible. When I thought it looked presentable I then sat on the couch and watch one of our interviews on the telly.

Catherine's P.O.V

When I reached Harrys flat I was a little bit nervous and afraid to even knock on the door. What if he thought I looked ugly!? What if he thought I was weird for showing up 5 minute early? What if I say something wrong and thinks I am creepy? I then built up the courage and knocked on the door. When he opened the door I just froze! I Just stood there and froze. The kid was GORGEOUS! "Hi" he said with the most adorable smirk on his face that just made you melt. "Hey!" I said trying to remain calm and put on a nice smile. "Come on in!" he said closing the door behind us. His flat was clean like always and smelt so nice. "So what's planned for  us to do today?" I said " "Well actually later on tonight Louis has a party at his flat, and I was wondering.... if maybe you would like to go with me?" I looked at him and said NO ewww why would I want to go with you! He gave an upset yet what the hell kind of look and started to walk up stairs. I called out and said "No wait harry I was just joking! Of course I want to go with you!" but he kept on walking. I ran after him and couldn't find him. "Harry I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset please come here." I said. I felt someone come up behind me and grab me by my wait I let out a playful little scream as I was dragged into his room. I tripped on something in his room and fell over I was a little embarrassed but still laughed he picked me up and carried me to his kitchen laughing at how I fell. "Why are you laughing that was not funny!" I said still laughing "It  kind of was." He finally sat me down at a chair and offered me something to eat. "What would you like to eat today madam" he said in a French accent . "By the way we only serve eggs and bacon." I chuckled and said "I guess I will be having eggs and bacon" "Eggs and bacon it is madam." When he finally finished I was the most amazing food I have even eaten. I then grabbed some syrup and dipped my bacon in it. "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" said harry in a jokingly way. "Eating bacon what does it look like I'm doing?" "That's just wrong just WRONG" he said "No its not you should try some!" I then dip some bacon in the syrup and shoved it in his mouth. I missed his mouth and it stuck to his cheek. I was laughing so hard and i couldn't control it. "You did not just do that." harry said. "Um I think I just did?" I said, He then grabbed the syrup and poured it in my hair. Ahhhhh I yelled as he ran with the most happiest smile on his face. "You are so dead Styles!" I yelled. I looked around to see what I could use. I saw a bag of flour and took a handful and threw it in his face. "This is war!" harry protested! The next thing you know we were having a flour and syrup fight. He tried to sneak up behind me and but he tripped knocking me over and falling on top of me. I look straight into his eyes and he looked into mine. "You know you can tell a lot about someone by there eyes" said harry. He stated to lean in and he kissed me! It was like magic. He completely took my breath away. He pulled away slightly so that our lips were still touching. He looked me in the eyes again and gave one of his hypnotizing smirks. We got up and I told him I should probably get home and get all cleaned up and ready for the party. He walked me out the door and gave me one last kiss. Chills ran down my spine and I put my arms around his neck this time as he wrapped his arms around my waist. When I pulled away he promised to call me when he was on his way I smiled and said "I'll be waiting" with a smile.  He smiled back and closed the door to his flat as I walked happily and excited to mine.

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