The Academy

First of all I want to say that this is a Harry Styles' fan-fiction. I. Here they are not famous at all. This story is 'bout a girl who always gets bothered my the popular guy, Harry Styles. He is also know as the womanizer or player. He always plays with the girls and the next day he dumps them. He always insulted Darcy because she never payed attention to him. To know more, read.


2. Unexpected Event

My best friend Liam. "Hey, are you ok? Have you been crying?"-worried-
"Um, no." I lied
"C'mon Yvonne. Why don't tell him? Are you affraid he would know that you are stupid and won't be your friend anymore." Harry said with a sarcastic tone.
"Leave her alone! You are a .....," Liam was going to argue more with Harry, when Mrs. Lovato said:"Liam and Harry, to the headmistress office now! And you Ms. Evans I suggest you to be quiet or you are going to be the next one to leave my class, understood?!"
"Yeah" I replied. I knew they were not going to do nothing to Harry. Maybe Liam but, not Harry. I mean it is obvious. His mom was the headmistress everybody knew that. That is why I can't tell her all the things he tells me. She wouldn't believe me. She would believe in Harry. Wouldn't she?
Classes were already over and I was dressing up because my friend Lise convinced me that I should go to a party in one of the dorm rooms in the floor number two. She insisted and insisted so I couldn't deny. When we both got there we were looking for Liam. We found him in the balcony with a group of boys. They all were drunk by now. One of them said:"let's play spin the bottle!" We all agreed. Why not, what could we loose? We started playing the bottle when Harry Styles came in with a girl by his side. Typical.
"Can I play?" he asked.
Nobody wanted to be rude so we agreed. It was his turn to spin the bottle and it landed on me! That meant that I had to....... kiss him! No way. Everybody was saying: "Do it. Don't be a coward." Then, Harry's deep voice said: "Don't be afraid. I don't want it either anyway." I just nodded in agreement. Our faces were getting together when.......
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