Spinning out where am I now? Underground?


3. Huge

When I woke up, I was in a room I never seen. It was huge! I was laying in a king size bed with really confy blanckets and pillows. There was no windows and it was dark, but I could just see shapes of a table and desk. On th table, there was a lamp. I ran over to the lamp and turned it on. I looked around the room and couldn't believe my eyes. The room was beautiful! Pictures of trees and rivers, it had a soft red carpet and big vases in every corner with plants in them, there was a fire bit with flames licket up agents the wood. I looked down and saw that I was wearing green silk pants and tanktip. It was very confterbal, but where was I?

There was a dresser on the far wall from the bed. I opened it and looked for some pants. I took out a pear of dark blue skiny jeans and a purple long sleeved shirt with black stripes. I layed them on the bead and saw there were three doors. I opened the first one, it was a closet. I opened the second and it was a bathroom. It was a huge bathroom. It had a big round bathtub that had stairs going to it and into it. There was a marble counter with a big square mirror. I opened up the counter and found five unopened toothbrushes. I took one that was purple and layed it on the counter. In with the toothbrushes, there was toothpaste. I took one and layed in next to the toothbrush. I looked in other drawers and found make up. I took the shades of black and black eyeliner. I took out a light pink blush and cover up. I layed all them plus masscara and light pink lipgloss.

There was a cabnet with towels and face cloths. I grapped one of each and started running water in the bathtub. There was a bar of soap, shampoo, and conditioner next to the tub. I looked in the bottom of the cabnet and took out a bottle of soap and squirtted it in the tub. I checked the water to see if it was hott enough, then jumped in. Well not really jump in, I walked in. There was steps going into the tub so, didn't have to jump in. I washed my hair and body, then just layed there for a half an hour or so. Once the bubbles where gone and there was just a smokey swurls of soap, I got out. I grapped a towel and drained all the water from the tub. I dried of and got dressed. I dried my hair and brushed my teeth. I hated the taste of the toothpaste, it was the cheap fruit flavored crap. I looked in the counter and found mouthwash, witch was mint flavored. I used it about five timed to get the taste of the toothpaste out of my mouth. I blow dried my hair and I put on the make up. Then I put my hair into a ponytail. I took the towel and the silk clothes and threw them in the hamper.

I walked out of the bathroom and looked around. On a desk near the fire place, my mothers necklace and my favorite butterfly and charm braclets where laying there. I grapped them and put them on. I looked inside the desk and found my wolf ring. I put it on my middle finger and stared at it for a while. It kinda looked like that wolf like creature that I was probably dreaming about. Then I remembered I was dreaming about me being dead and I started to laugh. Right then I heard a knock on the door and the boy from my dream came in.

"So your up?" He asked. It wasn't a dream. I was actually dead.

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