The Third Eye

A girl has three eyes. What else is there for me to tell?


2. What happened.

Okay, that chapter was too short. I understand. I am sorry for those of you bookworms out there who think that I cheated a chapter out of you, but don't worry, I won't do it again. Let's get back to the story. Normal girl, right? Don't you feel as if she should have a serious conflict in her life? I do too. I just happened to forget what is was. Hmm, let's go through this: just a regular eight year old girl with no problems. Listen, the next thing I'm about to say will make me sound like a teacher, but suck it up. Referring back to the title, what can you infer about the story?

a) This story is about purple pandas

b) I really stink  at writing

c) I'm wasting my time reading this

Here's your answer: you're all wrong. the real answer is, a girl gets a third eye. How obvious was that?

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