X marks the spot

Shealeigh Burns is a normal 15 year old. Ok I lied. Lets just say well... shes a spy. When she comes across a man with a letter, everything changes. Including her friends, family, and her love life. This will shock you, but X marks the spot.... ocasionally.


10. Youve gotta stop this!

I quicky excused myself from Taylors presecnce. I sprinted down the hallway and into Liams dressing room. He wasnt there. I went to harrys. He wasnt there. I went into Zayns. Not there. Nialls. Not there. Finally all that was left was Louis. Please be in there. I thought to myself. I slowly walked in. They were all in there gathred around a lap top! I got a chorus of hellos. I walked over and looked at the screen only to be surprised by my own face. "What the.." I said. They were doing a twit cam. "Um... Hi." I said. the boys made room on the couch for me and Liam handed me a lollipop. "You wanna tell 'em?" He asked. I shook my head. "You can." I whispered back.


******SORRY ONLY PART 1******

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