X marks the spot

Shealeigh Burns is a normal 15 year old. Ok I lied. Lets just say well... shes a spy. When she comes across a man with a letter, everything changes. Including her friends, family, and her love life. This will shock you, but X marks the spot.... ocasionally.


2. Pride.

the bell to the shop door rang. i looked up. sure enough there was a fat guy with ablack suit and red tie standing there. I scowled.Then I got up and walked past him, winking at Kay. Out of the blue I jumped on his back, startling him. he fell to the ground and rolled over. He tried to fight me but i kicked him in the gut and stuck out my tongue. Kay tied his wrists and ankles together with rope. Then Beck carried him into the back alley. Beck went back inside and I stayed to give him some advice. "listen bubba.'' I said while emptying his pockets. "you probably werent expecting to be caught by some 'kids' but you were. SO HAHA!" then i punched him in the nose to finish him off. I turned around to leave but hesitated and slowly walked back to him. "P.S. Bud." i said taking hold of his tie. "red is so not your color!" and i snatched it off his neck. i ran back to Kay and Beck and Kay glared at me. I laughed "what?"  I asked "it was a nice tie!" I now know what my dad will be getting for christmas... But thats off topic. So anyway, I drove my scooter back to my house and parked in the garage. I waltzed into the kitchen. Great, dad wasnt home. He was probably in Argentina or Cuba. I checked the fridge for a note an sure enough he was in Cuba! I went to my room and sat on the bed. First thing I do after missions is check what I got from emptying pockets. Today wasnt very good, but i did find a letter... It was red and had a black X as the seal. I opened it and unfolded the paper. The letter said that I should " Beware of the storm on December 3" Oh well people these days. I set the note on my dresser and got in the shower. After about 20 minutes I finally got out. I dried myself off and got dressed. In black of course. I always have to be ready for a mission. I texted Jade and Kay to ask if they wanted to go see a movie or something. Jade said sure but Kay was sleeping. The minute I met Jade at the mall she ran up to me and screamed. I looked around. Then she hugged me. " Jade," I whispered "what happened?" she took a deep breath and held my hands. "I won the bring me to 1D CONTEST!!!" she said well, screamed. Then she started jumping up and down. "oh yeah... That Guy Drake was a total waste of time." I nodded. ' I believe someone owes me 25 dollars?" I said holding out my hand. She has to pay me money every time she has a breakup, that way it dosent happen often! She put a twenty in my hand and said "I bought you a latte earilier!" I rolled my eyes and put the 20 in my purse. "Im hungry!" I said. She probably didnt hear me, too busy thinking about One Direction. You heard the sarcasm, Right? We walked back outside to her car since there were no good restaraunts in the mall. We agreed on Nandos since it was our favorite place EVER! I was having a pretty good night... so far...

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