X marks the spot

Shealeigh Burns is a normal 15 year old. Ok I lied. Lets just say well... shes a spy. When she comes across a man with a letter, everything changes. Including her friends, family, and her love life. This will shock you, but X marks the spot.... ocasionally.


6. FOOD and FANS

"I'm hungry!" I said getting off of Niall. "Me too!" He said. "Paul! Will you pretty pretty please take us to get some food!" I screamed. He nodded. Me and Niall started jumping up and down like little kids. I mean come on wouldnt you if you get to go eat in NYC too? Ok nevermind that was my obsession over foor talking. I jumped up and took Nialls hand and we walked out the door. Big mistake.

    So um I kinda forgot about the whole "Fan" thing. So I took him outside and we didnt have sunglasses or any type of disguise on whatsoever. I started pushing people away from Niall with the help of Paul. I whistled really loudly and got a Taxi. We hopped inside and drove off. But we got caught in traffic. Not of cars, but of girls. Millions of them! Screaming their heads off! I had to get out of the cab and block people off so that we could move! We finally got moving again and went to a small resaraunt called Dos Comingos. It was some Mexican food place. We sat in a booth and ordered. I got some type of Quisedila and Niall got Nachos. The whole time it was kinda freaky cause people were videotaping us and taking pictures. When we finished we took a walk around this cute place called "Grammercy Park" Our hotel was 32 Grammercy Park South so we had a key and no one else could get in unless they had a key too. It was quiet and then the rest of the boys joined us. Louis was chasing around Pigeons and Harry was trying to put Zayn in the fountain. Then who else but Ellen Degeneres walked into the park with a camera man. "Hello Boys!" She said. They all stopped what they were doing and came over to her. "HI ELLEN!" Louis screamed. She laughed. "Well well well  Niall who is your friend?" I panicked. "Hi im Shealeigh!" I said quickly. Niall nodded. "What brings you to NYC Boys?" Ellen asked. " Madison Square Garden show... OH MY GOD LADS ITS TONIGHT!!" Liam screamed. I gasped. I took the boys hands and led them back to the hotel. These boys had to be dressed and ready and I had to be ready to fight. We ran into our seprate rooms and changed. I took everything I needed. I make a mental checklist....

1. Gun

2. Handcuffs

3. Cell phone

4. Kay and Jade

5. Dress in black and paint nails red

    Once I had fully completed my checklist I ran to see what was taking the boys so long. Harry was lying in his boxeres sleeping without a care in the world, Louis was screaming into his phone and Zayn was texting someone. Wait where's Liam and Niall? As if on cue Niall walked out of the bathroom but I still didnt see Liam. I searched in his room in the kitchen under the bed, in all of the boys rooms and pretty much everywhere! Except one place, The closet. I ran into his room and threw open the closet door. Liam was sitting in the corner with his head in his hands. I walked in and sat down next to him. "Hey Buddy, whats wrong?" I asked. He looked up at me with tear stained cheeks. "What if someething does happen tonight?" I laughed. "Boy, with me around, thats not even possible. He smiled slightly and then said. "Would you be sad?" "Be sad if what?'' I asked. "If I died." he said. I nodded. "Very Very VERY sad because youre so sweet." he smiled then smashed his lips against mine. "I just wanted to let you know that I love you." he said then looked at the ground. I lifted his head up and kissed him lightly on the lips. "I love you too." "Really?" "Really."

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