X marks the spot

Shealeigh Burns is a normal 15 year old. Ok I lied. Lets just say well... shes a spy. When she comes across a man with a letter, everything changes. Including her friends, family, and her love life. This will shock you, but X marks the spot.... ocasionally.


8. Ed

X marks the spot. Chapter 5? "Never thought it hurt so bad getting over you!" Liam sang. I just stood there and swayed back and forth. I was standing in the middle of MSG with Kay and Jade. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I whirled around just to end up face to face with Ed Sheeran! "Yes?" I said maybe a bit to cheerfully. He smiled "I was just wondering which way to the dressing rooms?" He replied. "Oh!" I said, "Sure, Ill show you the way." I started walking down the isle (That sounds weird lol) and through some double doors. "Around the corner to the left 3rd door on your right!" I told him. "Thanks." " Don't mention it." I replied. He left following the instructions i gave him. I suddenly felt hands over my eyes. I gasped. "Guess who?" A voice said. Wait, I know that voice! "Hmmm..." I said pretending to think "Liam?" I turned around "How did you know?" He asked, fake pouting. "I just know." I said. He leaned into kiss me. The kiss started to get deeper. I was enjoying every minute of it when I heard the click of a camera. I Jumped away from Liam and saw the boys, on Louis's phone, laughing. "BOYS!" I screamed. They laughed and started to run away. Lucky for me, I took cross country in middle school. I raced after them. Liam ran after me. Louis ran in the boys bathroom and thats where I had to stop. All of the sudden my phone buzzed. I pulled it out only to find a tweet of that picture from who else but Louis saying "Aww! @Liam_Payne found his princess @Shea_Bear #Sheam forever!" I groaned. "LOUIS!!" I yelled as loud as i possibly could. I heard laughing and then an arm around my waist. It was Liam. He whispered in my ear "Lets go get food." I nodded and we drove to a Starbucks. We put on our sunglasses and hats and got out. I took Liam's hand in mine. We walked around the corner and ran into a few fans. Or, they looked like fans. Considering they had One Direction t shirts on and signs we kind of assumed. I looked at Liam and we burst into laughter. One of the girls came up to us and put her hand on her hip "WHAT? You got a problem with One Direction? Well let me just say they are much better than you two!" Obviously they hadn't noticed. "Um, no." I said holding back laughter. "Its just..." I trailed off looking at Liam. He laughed. He smiled at the girl and said "Well, I just didnt know I was better than myself!" She stood there in shock. "Oh. Mm. Gee. You are Liam James Payne!! IM SO SORRY!!!" He laughed again. "Its fine." He said. "NO ITS NOT!" She yelled. "Yes it is." He said matter of factly. "In fact, to prove myself, Here are 3 backstage passes for tonight." She started crying. "Thank you So freaking much!" She yelled. "Under one condition, you must not tell anyone we are here!" He added. She nodded rapidly. "YES OF COURSE!" She said. "well, have a nice day!" He said grabbing my hand and pulling me inside the door. Wow fans are VERY Obsessed! I thought. "Not Obsessed, dedicated" Liam said. "Oh my god did I say that out loud?" I asked. He nodded. We ordered and walked to a park. It was dark and not many people were there. We sat in a field and looked at the stars. "Shealeigh," Liam said. "mmhm?" I said. He sat up. "I just wanted to let you know that if I die tonight," I cut him off. "Baby, dont even think for a second I would let that happen to you!" He looked down. I fiddled with a piece of grass. He mumbled something. "What?" I asked. "I love you." He said, louder this time. I smiled "I love you too, Liam." I said. He smiled and touched his forehead to mine. "Really?" He whispered. "Really." I whispered back. He leaned into kiss me and all of the sudden the the night was lit up by a thousand flashes. "What tha..." I said. "RUN!" He yelled. So, I ran.
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