X marks the spot

Shealeigh Burns is a normal 15 year old. Ok I lied. Lets just say well... shes a spy. When she comes across a man with a letter, everything changes. Including her friends, family, and her love life. This will shock you, but X marks the spot.... ocasionally.


1. Not his color.

I rolled into the hall and took out my gun. I locked and loaded then whispered to my friend Kay (who also was my partner in crime) "ready?" she nodded. "ok on three, 1... 2... 3!" we ran into the room and started shooting the bandits. I left her to shoot down the last thief while I snatched up the stolen jewels. I put the jewels in my bag and grabbed Kays hand. She groaned. "Shea-Leigh! i wasnt finished!" she complained. I let go of her hand and called our boss, Sean. "we scored again! they're dead." i said into the phone. He laughed. "good good, Now get out of there! We're blowing the place." now it was my turn to laugh. "copy that over and out!" I said hanging up. I once again grabbed Kays hand and dragged her outside at least 100 yards away from the soon to be gone building. She sat down behind a tree and I slumped beside her. I held up my hand for a hi-five. She took it gladly. "good job Kay!" she nodded. She always was so tired after these missions!  I rolled my eyes and stood up. I took her hand and walked her to our electric scooters. She hopped on hers and snapped on her helmet. I jumped on mine and put on my ray-bans she put hers on too. My watch beeped. "oh great another mission!" she said sarcastically. i rolled my eyes and pressed the button to find out what our next mission was. "ok! the coffee shop on Fairfeild Lane!" she groaned. "come on!" i said annoyed. WE drove off towards our next mission. GREAT! cause this is exactly how I wanted to spend my saturday afternoon!


   Im sorry I should have introduced myself. My name is Shealeigh Burns. As you probably figured out Im not you average teenage girl! Im 15 and I go to SHHS  (strath haven high school) and im an undercover spy. I started when iwas only 9 and since then I have worked for The President, National Guard, Queen of England, the Embassador of China and a ton of other little tiny countrys. So, yeah! Life is good! I have a dad and a brother. My mom was killed in the bombing of the Twin Towers trying to save some people. I also have a dog. My best friends are McKayla Jones (who I call Kay) and Jade Wess (who I call Jade).  They also work with me. I have Brown hair and greenish eyes.  So anyway back to the story...

 We arrive at the shop and park. I ran inside with Kay close on my trail. Just then my idiot brother walked through the door and I laughed. He looked ridiculous! He sat down and we waited for whoever looked suspicous to walk through the door. Then someone did...

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