Santa Claus' elves are aged and decrepit, he needs to employ new ones so that he can complete his christmas chores then next year.
The elfin folk are dying out and there are not enough young to aid Santa in the future. Not wanting to disappoint Santa they kidnap the sleeping children of the world to refill his workshop.


1. The night before Christmas.

Rose lay in darkness, on a cold Christmas eve. Her bed, with its lilac floral duvet and frilly pillow shams, was comfortably warm and cosy. Her mummy was downstairs in the sitting room and her daddy was at work on night shift at the local plant.

The shadows cast by the streetlamps outside her window played pleasantly on the walls of her bedroom. Rose rarely saw any scary shadows in the room. She always saw teddy bears, aeroplanes and elephants in the dark shadows. She snuggled down deep into the warmth, hugging her white, fuzzy bunny tightly.

Rose drifted off into a deep slumber; her dreams were filled with baby dolls, chocolate cakes and candy canes. It would soon be Christmas and the excited chattering that day had worn her out. She had seen Santa Claus that day and he had told her that if she was a good girl then his elves would make something extra special for her that night.


Midnight approached and the shadows cast across the bedroom walls began to mutate and deform. Rose slept on.

The shadows clustered and huddled together, forming small creatures. Their bodies were gnarled and twisted, their skin sagging and damp with rot. The small fetid elfin folk brought with them the stench of putrefaction. They wore ragged clothes, filthy and old like their skin. Threadbare, torn and rotting. Across the small room they crept and they stood watching the snoozing child.

Rose wrinkled her nose and grumbled slightly at the cold draft that the elves brought with them. She did not wake. The smallest and most haggard of the group stepped forward and licked Roses brow.

"She will do, she is not bitter or sour." His weak voiced rasped as he nodded to the others.

Two other elves stepped forward carrying a hessian sack. Standing at the end of the bed they held the sack open. Each of the pair grasped an ankle and tugged Rose beneath the duvet. She awoke startled by the slimy cold hands dragging her from her bed. She screamed but it was all too brief and too late as she was dropped into the sack.

Her mother, who had heard the screaming child, jumped from her bed and raced into Rose's bedroom as the elves clambered out through the window. They scaled the walls of the house like spiders and made their way onto the roof and into the awaiting reindeer guided sleigh. The sleigh took off sailing into the night with Rose's mother screaming from her bedroom window.

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