snow angels


1. snow angels


The air is so fresh this time of year.

The snow softly scatters the ground, and it reminds me of you. It was around this time of year when our hearts were first introduced, and my fingertips nervously circled your skin, much like the snow hesitantly traces the ground. I remember when we laughed our way through the park, making snow angels in the grass, so carefree. Our faces were red with the cold and our breath misted up but we didn't care; exhaling heavily as if all future breaths taken by humanity solely depended on our dispelling of carbon dioxide on this day.

But the snow freezes over by lunchtime and it reminds me of your heart, frozen and cold. Unexpected. I thought it would hang around a little longer but I guess not.

I am cautious walking home, treading carefully so as not to fall over. I always was clumsy. Luckily the ice has almost melted by this time but I tread carefully still. I always thought it was odd how quickly things can change. Only traces are left now, but what once existed still remains in my mind.

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