Love Conquers All (a Niall Horan love story)

19 year old-Rylee Cowell has always had everything. Yes. Cowell you read it right. Although, she never has had friends because everyone just likes her for her last name and not who she is as a person. Simon Cowell's niece and goddaughter Rylee has been living with her uncle since she was 14 when her parents died leaving her and her little sister Lillie. Her sad and misfortunate life takes a turn when her uncle and her must stay in London for her uncle's job and Rylee and her sister end up staying with, yes, One Direction. Will one summer be able to change Rylee's life around? Will she finally find someone who understands her?


14. Studio



**Rylee's POV***



I hopped downstairs and crutched into the kitchen. It was around 5:00 am so everyone was asleep. I liked to wake up really early sometimes and watch the sunrise. I didn't feel like hobbling outside so I walked over to my grand piano at the other end of the house. When I wake up early in the morning I usually find myself crying because I think of my life before I came to live with my uncle. 

When my parents died, we actually went to live with my mother's parents. When we were there I got bad. I didn't understand what was going on and I wouldn't let myself understand. I didn't talk to anyone, even Lillie. I cried all the time. I wanted to die. I tried to. Twice. But after the second time, while I was in the hospital, I realized that Lillie was more important than my feelings. I had to make sure that she was okay, so I built a wall around myself from then on and never talked about  ever again. I had to make sure that my little sister didn't get sad like me, but go on with her life, like I was trying to. Every one realized then that it would be better for us to live with our uncle.

I wrote a lot of songs then. Locked up in my room. I still have most of them and nobody knows about them to this day. I have them all memorized. 

I sat down on the stool and started to play one of my songs that I remembered crying through writing.


Pictures in my pocket
Are faded from the washer
I can barely just make out your face
Food you saved for later
In my  refrigerator 
It's been too long since later never came

I know
One day eventually
Yeah, I know
One day I'll have to let it all go
But I keep it just in case
Yeah, I keep it just in case

In case

You don't find what you're looking for
In case
You're missing what you had before
In case
You change your mind, I'll be waiting here
In case
You just want to come home...

(A/N In case- Demi Lovato. Listen while reading.)


I felt my eyes fill with water. I used to  pretend that my parents were just going to walk through the door and every thing would go back to normal, but they never did come home. Now I knew that I was crying as I sang. My tears hit the keys as I played. 

I stopped and stared at the soundless keys as tears fell. Someone walked in but my eyes didn't move. Louis sat beside me and put in arm around my shoulder. I put my arms around his neck and he hugged me tightly as I sobbed into his shoulder. I knew he understood. The sun started to rise as we sat there. I felt pathetic. I never cried in front of people.

"Sor-ry about-t your shi-rtt." I stuttered, trying to giggle. He sensed how I really felt. I could tell in his eyes. I leaned back.

"It's okay to cry." He said. I looked down.

"I don't mean to impulsive, but could you play it again for me?" Louis spoke, looking into my eyes. 

I nodded and slightly smiled, with the tracks of my tears drying. I placed my hands on the keys and sang through the whole song. 

"That's brilliant." Louis said as I finished. "Let's go make breakfast, eh?"

"Yeah." I said, smiling.

I knew that Louis hadn't gone through what I had but he really did understand.


***Niall's POV***

*8:00 am*


I walked down stairs, really worried when I noticed that Rylee wasn't in bed. I heard laughter in the kitchen and found Louis and Rylee eating eggs, bacon, and toast. 

"Hey!" Rylee said while swallowing. I ran over and kissed her breakfast flavored lips.

"And where is my good-morning kiss?" Louis joked.

I grabbed Louis and gave him a wet, sloppy kiss on his cheek.

"Well, never mind then." Louis said. 

Rylee had, obviously, showered with wet hair still damp. 

"Why are you guys up so early?" I asked,

"No reason." Rylee shrugged. She started to get up and grab her plate, but I ran over and picked it up for her. She kissed me on the cheek. I put the dish in the sink and picked her up bridal style and carried her up the stairs to get ready.

"Do you need help?" I asked,.

"No, I''m fine." she smiled. I softly kissed her and walked out. I ran downstairs to eat.


***Rylee's POV***


I hopped around my room on one leg, getting ready. I made sure that I picked something stylish, yet comfortable. I did my hair and makeup lightly, given the extremely hot weather. 

I hobbled down the stairs, once again. All of the boys were done eating and dressed when I walked into the kitchen. I knew that Lillie was still in bed because she was going to hang out with Kerri today, again.

"Rylee, do you want to come with us?" Zayn said.

"To the studio?" Harry said. They all stared at me with puppy dog eyes.

"Sure. Let me go get my ph-" 

"I got it babe." Niall interrupted. He quickly ran to my room and got my phone and purse.

Lillie got my purse for me on Christmas. I do really love Instagram. 

We all got in the car with the same seating arrangements as always, but Paul drove us and I sat between Louis and Niall in the back. The studio is 30 minutes away and it really seems a lot longer. Harry was arguing over the radio with Paul and Zayn and Liam were talking about some football team. Niall was on twitter while Louis and I talked about Lana Del Ray. Of course, Niall's hand was laced with mine. 

We stopped at Starbucks, by my order. Since I was injured, Harry said that my opinion should rule over Paul's and all of the boys agreed. Harry really seems to enjoy arguing with Paul. But I knew that  Paul was basically the boys temporary dad. 

I stayed in the car and watched the boys get bombarded with fans while the tried to order. 20 minutes later, they got back to the car with all of the drinks, with the help of Paul and his ninja security guard powers.(A/N Sorry, I couldn't resist) 

The boys piled in and Niall gave me my venti chai tea latte. DELICIOUS.

When we finally got to the studio, Niall helped me out and the boys went in and started working. 

I was really enjoying myself because in the studio where you sit outside of the booth, there is like this table with so much food. And I love food like any normal person. But this was like food from heaven. Chocolate covered strawberries, pizza, crisps, soup, cheesecake, and more. 

Besides the heavenly food, I really liked to watch the boys sing. Especially when it was Niall's turn. The whole time he was singing Little Things, he was staring right at me. My heart was going to explode. 

When the each had a turn, they started to all walk out, with the producers. Louis stopped and looked at me as he walked out of the booth to join them.

"We'll be back in 15 minutes." he said, winking. He gestured toward the booth door that he purposely left open. I knew that he was saying that if I wanted, they would be gone long enough for me to secretly use the booth. I thought about for a second and as the door closed, crutched into the booth. 

I sat down on a stool and grabbed Niall's guitar, which he had left there. I sat it on my lap and thought about a song that I wanted to play. 


Sometimes it's hard to look you in the eye
the mess i've created it stands idly by
and i dont expect the dishes to do themselves
but that sure would be nice

cause i am moving circles, falling back
my past has caught up to me, and i've lost track
of what is history and what is a book marked page
I'd always hoped to come back to someday

don't speak to soon
I'll likely shut my ears or shut down
I'm mostly floating
and I'm not ready to come down

Don't wipe away my tears so quickly
Do you even know if they're happy or sad
maybe i need to let them fall
clean me out and wash me down 
and let me drown for a while

you don't have to hold my hand through this
you've got enough to carry on your own
I think you'll need but hands for that
i think for now I'd be better off alone

I will be fine,
i need to grow
no expectations please
because i dont know
where im going or where i even stand
i'm just trying to find out exactly who i am

don't speak to soon
I'll likely shut my ears or shut down
I'm mostly floating
and I'm not ready to come down


(A/N Rylee wrote it but it is actually Too Soon by Kina Grannis BTW Rylee has Kina Grannis' voice but twingier if that's a word) (BTW again listen to the song while reading the lyrics)



***Niall's POV***


We had to go talk about some tour thing but I forgot my guitar in the booth by accident. 

"I'll be back, I forgot me guitar." I told the lads.

I walked back to the studio room and heard something from inside. I figured that Rylee turned on the radio or something. 

I opened the door as the sound got louder.

"Hey R-"

I stopped when i saw Rylee on the other side of the glass, with my guitar, singing something I had never heard before.



you don't have to hold my hand through this
you've got enough to carry on your own
I think you'll need but hands for that
i think for now I'd be better off alone

I will be fine,
i need to grow
no expectations please
because i dont know
where im going or where i even stand
i'm just trying to find out exactly who i am

don't speak to soon
I'll likely shut my ears or shut down
I'm mostly floating
and I'm not ready to come down

  Her voice is amazing. It's different from everybody else. Sure, artists can sing really meaningful songs and tell amazing stories with music but with Rylee it's so much better. She makes you feel like you are there with her and you feel her emotions through her voice. And this song really did that. I felt the emotions that Rylee had probably felt while writing it. I felt like she and I were one person, synchronized. As she finished, I opened in the door and, accidentally, scared her half to death. Rylee jumped off of the stool. "Oh my god, Niall! You scared me!" she yelled. "How long were you there?" "A while." I said, smirking. "What song was that?" "I wrote it. It wasn't that horrible was it?" she asked. "It was amazing.You are amazing." I said. I walked over to her and placed my guitar around my back. I grabbed her waist, making sure that I didn't hurt her ankle. I kissed her while holding her up on her one good ankle. She leaned back and said, "What did I do to get so lucky?" "I could say the same. Come on, let''s go." I said. I helped Rylee out the door and we walked back to where everyone else was. All the lads and producers had thinky faces on.  All the lads turned to us as we got closer. "Rylee can do it!" Louis Yelled pointing. "What?" I asked, puzzled. "You can sing?" one of the producers asked. Niall cut in before I could say anything. "She's fantastic." he said. All of the boys nodded with wide eyes.   "Rylee, do you want to be our opening act for the tour?" Zayn asked.               -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N Sorry I haven't updated in forever!!!! I have been soooooooooooooooo busy. I got requests on what Rylee looks like so:    


Have a nice day - xxKatieRozzelyndxx  
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