Love Conquers All (a Niall Horan love story)

19 year old-Rylee Cowell has always had everything. Yes. Cowell you read it right. Although, she never has had friends because everyone just likes her for her last name and not who she is as a person. Simon Cowell's niece and goddaughter Rylee has been living with her uncle since she was 14 when her parents died leaving her and her little sister Lillie. Her sad and misfortunate life takes a turn when her uncle and her must stay in London for her uncle's job and Rylee and her sister end up staying with, yes, One Direction. Will one summer be able to change Rylee's life around? Will she finally find someone who understands her?


11. I don't like you, I love you (PART TWO)

11. I don't like you, I love you



***Lillie's POV***


           "Do tell." I said.

           She stared at her feet. "Well, I guess we've lately...and he um...he...uh...asked me on a date..." she said. Finally! I jumped up squealing and pulled her into a hug.

           "I am so happy for you!" I yelled.

           "I was thinking, since the boys were gone and all, that we could have a girl's day? Maybe call Kerri?" she said.

           "That sounds fantastic! I'll give her a call, I'll meet you in the kitchen!" I screamed as she walked though the door. The boys and I bet on how long it would take for Niall to ask her out. Louis and Liam won. 

           I slid my cell out of my pocket and dialed Kerri.

          "Hello?" she said.

          "Hey Kerri! It's me!"

           "Oh, hi! I've been waiting t hear from you guys. What's up?"she said.

          "Me and Rylee were wondering if you want to go out for a girl's day?" I asked.

          "I'd love to! I'll go get ready. Come pick me up asap! I can't wait to see you guys, it's been forever! See you later, girly!"  

           "Bye." I said as I hung up.

           We haven't seen Kerri for the longest time. We basically grew up together until she moved to london a couple years back to have her own flat. I have really missed her and i know Rylee has too. This is going to be a really good day.


***Rylee's POV***


           Lillie swung into the kitchen with her purse at her side.

          "C'mon we've got to go pick her up!" she said. I put the glass that I was drinking from in the sink and grabbed my bag.

           It took about 15 minutes to get to her house. As soon as we pulled up, she was waiting outside and she hopped in the back seat. 

          "Where too?"

           "Let's go to the shopping centre. I need something to wear for my date." I said.

          "What date?" she said looking puzzled.

           "She has a date with the one and only Niall Horan." she said. Kerri squealed and was jumping up and down. Let's just say that Kerri is a BIG One Direction fan.

          The whole way there, we talked about the boys and what it was like living with them. She found it amazing that we were staying with a world famous boy band. We pulled into the parking lot and popped out of the car. I had a credit card in my wallet and a outfit to buy.


***Zayn's POV***


          "Something's really up with Niall." Louis whispered.

          "Yeah, I know. He seems..." I said.

           "Nervous." he finished.

           "Do you think we should go talk to him?" I asked.

           "Probably, we should see if we can help him out." Louis replied.

            We were at the studio and Niall was in the booth. Liam had gone to help paul with something and Harry as sitting on the couch watching Niall. Harry turned to us.

            "Does Niall seem different to you guys?"

             "Yeah, we're going to talk to him when he's finished." Louis said.

             "Good. I'm getting worried. He hasn't eaten at all today. Maybe something happened between him and Rylee or something." Harry said.

              "I hope not." I said. "When Niall doesn't eat..."

               "Something's really bothering him." Harry said.

                We heard Niall finish and walk out as it was Harry's turn. 

                 Niall sat down on the couch and was fidgeting. He kept on biting his lip and messing with his hair.

               Finally, Louis spoke up. "Is something bothering you, mate?"

             "It's nothing," he said looking at the floor, "I'm just really nervous."

              "About what?" I asked.

             "Well, I sort of...erm...uh asked Rylee on a...uh...d-date." he said.

            "Finally!" Louis and I both yelled.

             "Wait what?" he asked, confused.

            "It's obviously that you guys like each other. We all bet on how long it would take for you to ask her out and I WON!" Louis said.

           "I just really don't want to screw it up. I mean, I really care about her a lot. I don't want to let her down." he said pushing a hand through his hair.

           "Mate, you couldn't disappoint her if you wanted to! You too are bloody perfect together!" I yelled.

            He shrugged and played with the hem of his shirt.

          "We promise that we will do everything to make this perfect for the both of you. And I have the perfect idea." I said. I texted Rylee.

           To: Rylee ;)

                     Pick out something fancy for tonight!!! xx :)

           From Rylee ;)

                    He already told you? and will do :) thanks Zaynie.

          She isn't going to know what hit her.


~4:12 pm~


***Rylee's POV***


            I am freaking out. I wonder where we're going. I wonder wait he's going to where. I wonder what we're going to do. I wonder what we're going to. I wonder what we're going to talk-ERMAHGERD RYLEE COME DOWN. 

           We had just pulled into our drive way and we were currently unloading our various shopping bags from the trunk of my car. I had invited Kerri to stay the night and she accepted. I also told her that she could sleep in my bed. I doubt that Niall would mind if I slept in his room.

           I had less than three hours to get ready and I wanted to look absolutely perfect for Niall. Kerri had offered to do my hair and Lillie said that she was going to do my makeup for me. But first: I needed to take a shower. I unplugged my iHome and moved it into the bathroom and played Live While We're Young and Little Things. Somehow Niall had convinced management to let him download it onto my phone. I let the steamy water drain away my worries as I sang along. Suddenly the worst thought came to my mind.

         With a new album the would have to go on tour.

         I tried to flush the thought away but it kept stabbing at the back of my mind. I had to think about the present right now not the future.


         I stepped out of the shower, wrapped my self in a fluffy robe and put my hair up in a towel. I paused the music when somebody knocked on the door.

         "Almost done?" It was Lillie.

         "Yeah," I said as I opened the door, "Beautify me!" I said flailing my arms out to the sides and noticing Kerri also standing there.

         An hour and a half later they had transformed me into this. set . I must say I did look pretty nice. I hope Niall likes it.

         It was 6:45 and I was getting really antsy. I couldn't sit still. He was going to be here in 15 minutes. ACK. I really wondered what he had planned. 6:46. 6:47. 6:48. 6:49. 6:50.

       "Relax, you look great." Lillie said. I was pacing through the hall. 

       "Do either of you know where he's taking me?" I asked.

        They looked at each other and smiled.

         "Yes." they both said.

         "Care to share?" 

         "It's a surprise." Kerri said.

          "I hate surprises." I said.

          "You'll like this one." Lillie said giggling.

           I glanced over to the clock. 6:59.

           As soon as the clock struck 7:00, the doorbell rang. Lillie ran to open it. She only opened it a crack it looked out.

          "Oh Rylee..." she said looking back at me. 

            I slowly walked over grabbing my clutch. When I got to the door, Lillie swung it open to reveal a dashing Niall with a single red rose in his hand. imgres .

            "Have fun you two." Lillie said closing the door.            

             "You look amazing." he said not looking away from my eyes.

             I blushed like as he held his hand out and I took it as he led me to the large black limousine that was waiting. He broke the stem off of the perfect rose and tucked it behind my ear.

           "Perfection." he said, kissing my cheek. The chauffeur held the door open for us. Niall helped me in then slid in.

           "Can you tell me where we're going now, please?" I asked.

           "It's a surprise." he said grinning. I sighed and squeezed his hand.

            "You really do look gorgeous." he said.

            "As do you." I said giggling.

            We sat in a comfortable silence for about 20 minutes.

            "Close your eyes." Niall whispered in my ear.

            I did as he said, smiling like an idiot. About a minute later I could feel the car stop.

            "Are we here?" I asked keeping my eyes shut. He took my hand and carefully led me out of the car.

            "Yes. We're here. Keep your eyes closed." he said.

            I squeezed his arm as we started walking.

            "Don't let me fall."


             We were soon walking in something softer. I could see faint light through my eyelids. We suddenly stopped.

             "Open your eyes." he said as he walked away.

            I opened my eyes to the most amazing, romantic thing I have ever seen. imgres . It was amazing. On a low table in front of the coach were two covered dishes. Out of nowhere Little Things started to play but it was only the guitar. No singing. Suddenly, on the side Niall was standing there with the boys also dressed in suits behind him. Niall sung the whole song with the boys joining in from time to time. This was the most amazing night of my life. I never wanted it to end. Wait. It barely started. When the song finished the boys walked off and sent me smiles and winks. Niall appeared in front of me holding out his arm. I gladly excepted and he led me to the outdoor couch. I sat down as Niall took the bamboo covers off of the dishes. imgres.

            "Oh my god Niall..." I said.

            "It's amazing... This is the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me." I said letting a small tear trickle down the side of my cheek.

             Niall trailed the tear up to my eye with his finger. "I'm glad you like it."

             "I love it." I said.

              We sat in silence as we ate exchanging smiles and winks.  As we finished Niall looked into my eyes.

              "I have a surprise for you."

               "Another one?" I asked, amazed.

              "Well, I had to make a few phone calls but it was for you. I would go to the end of the universe to make you happy, Rylee." he said. He pulled my guitar out from behind the couch. 

               "Why do you have my guitar?" I asked.

               He giggled. "Since she happened to be in London, she agreed to do me a favor."

               "Who is 'she'?" I asked.

                I heard foot steps from my right. My mouth dropped as soon as I recognized her.










To Meet me.

               "Hello!" she said. She held her arms out. I quickly got up and gave her a slight hug.

               Before letting go she whispered, "He's a keeper." into my ear.

                I giggled and held out the black permanent marker that Niall had given me. 

              "Would you mind signing my guitar?" I said with my voice slightly cracking.

                She chuckled. "I'd be honored." 

                We went back to the couch and I realized that she was dressed as formal as the boys. Niall placed my guitar in my arms and I held it as she signed it, putting a winky face next to her name. 

               "Well, I better be off and let you two enjoy your date." she said. I handed my guitar back to Niall as we both stood up. I gave her a side hug and she winked at Niall. He smiled back. I stood there until she was out of view and then ran to Niall jumping on him and giving him a huge hug.

               "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyousomuch!" I said squeezing him tightly. 

                 He chuckled. "Care for a swim?" he said.

               I gawked. "Your not serious." 

               "Oh, but I am." he said as he stood up undressing. He stood their in his boxers looking extremely fit. He held his hand out."

                "C'mon, Rylee." he said. 

             I gave in slipping my dress, shoes, and earrings off, leaving me in this set .

         He grabbed my hand and let me into the cool water. We swam around for a little while until we got cold. Niall ran back to the couch and grabbed a big blanket. We laid own on the sand with the waves just touching our toes watching the stars. He had an arm around my shoulders and my head was resting on his chest with the blanket wrapped around us.

           "You are the most amazing guy to ever exist." I said.

            "You're the most beautiful girl to ever exist." he said making me blush and look at him.

            I stared at his deep blue eyes.

             "I don't like you, I love you. I love everything about you." he said.

           He slightly sat up leaning over me. I stared into his eyes as he stared back. He placed hand on the side of my neck using the other to hold himself up. We both leaned in and our lips crashed together. It wasn't a hard or aggressive kiss but it was a perfect kiss. Like the ones that can only happen in the movies. The perfect balance of passion and lust. I wish we could freeze time and stay in this moment forever. We separated and gazed into each others eyes. Fireworks exploded above our heads across the sky. We both looked up at the colorful sparks that painted the black canvas.

             "I love you." I said.

             He smiled, "Rylee Elizabeth Cowell, will you be my girlfriend?"

             "Until the end of time." 

              I leaned in again and lightly kissed his perfect pink lips.

             "I love you," he said.

             "I love you too."





------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N How did everyone like this chapter? This was so much fun to right and I hoped that you enjoyed it. Go Nilee! I had the ship Nilee messaged to me and i thought it worked! LOVE YOU ALL. STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!




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