Love Conquers All (a Niall Horan love story)

19 year old-Rylee Cowell has always had everything. Yes. Cowell you read it right. Although, she never has had friends because everyone just likes her for her last name and not who she is as a person. Simon Cowell's niece and goddaughter Rylee has been living with her uncle since she was 14 when her parents died leaving her and her little sister Lillie. Her sad and misfortunate life takes a turn when her uncle and her must stay in London for her uncle's job and Rylee and her sister end up staying with, yes, One Direction. Will one summer be able to change Rylee's life around? Will she finally find someone who understands her?


5. Anchors and Phone Calls

5. Anchors and Phone Calls



***Rylee POV***

               "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, WE'RE HERE!" Lillie screamed from beside me. I swear, could she get any louder?

                We pulled up to the house that will be calling home for 3 whole months. imgres                They house was big and it had to have at least 6 bedrooms. It wasn't as big as our house in Surrey but I could really care less. I'm on vacation. In London. With my two favorite people in he world. It could not get any better than this. Nothing could ruin my mood.

                Uncle led us to the front door as the car pulled away and somebody took our luggage to our rooms. He opened the door and we saw a beautiful foyer. imgres

                "Do you like it?" Uncle said with a smirk.

                 "It's amazing, Uncle," I said, "Thank you so much."

                  He nodded and led us up the stairs to the second level. We followed willingly. Lillie was so happy she couldn't make out any words.

                  "Lillie this is your room..." he said as he opened a door that had Lillie painted on in black cursive. imgres . It almost screamed Lillie. She ran and flopped down on the freshly made bed and Uncle led my to my room. It had the same black cursive on the door except it said Rylee. imgres . It was perfect. it was red and teal (my favorite colors) and had a giant class door that had a balcony through it that streamed the sunlight throughout the room. Uncle had definitely added the old telly because he is the only one who knows I like them. I went in and noticed a scarlet colored door. It led me to my own loo. imgres. This was going to be great.

                "Alright, settle in. I need to call some people and I'll be back. Why don't you girls go swimming? It's a lovely day."

                I nodded and he probably left to tell Lillie the same thing because she yelled, "POOL!" at the top of her lungs. I quickly got changed into my favorite floral bikini that showed my tattoo that was at the very top of my ribcage. Uncle wouldn't notice because he was busy so I put on some anchor shaped jewelry to match it just for fun. My bathing suit also revealed my belly button ring which my uncle actually knew about.set.

               I grabbed a towel and my flip flops and headed down t the pool area where Lillie was already waiting and changed. I placed my towel and shoes on a chair and cannonballed into the large pool.

               "You better cover up your tattoo. Uncle is gonna flip." she said staring down at the anchor on my left side. imgres.

                "No, he's to busy." 

                 I dunked her head under the water. We continued to play around in the water for a while until we were both tired out. We stepped out of the pool drenching wet and freezing. We both grabbed our towels and ran inside but we stopped when we heard someone talking on the phone coming from our Uncle's room on the first level.

                "...we just got here...I know but-...whose going to watch the girls? I don't want to leave them alone...Now she comes round once a week to tidy up...I guess so, but they don't want to spend their summer here...they're free?...I guess I'll give them a call...yes, I know...they'll be devastated..." he said and I figured he had hung up. He's leaving again? We just got him back...

                 "You're leaving?" Lillie said as she opened his door. It was not so much a yell there was more distraught and despair in her voice. 

                "Yes, I'm so, so sorry love. If it wasn't absolutely mandatory I wouldn't go but I have to." he said as he pulled both of us into his arms. He only held us slightly since we were still in our bathing suits and were soaked. I quickly put my hand over my tattoo.

                "I don't mind the tattoo, Rylee." he said. I jumped back in awe and gawked at him.

                "You knew?" I said with astonishment. 

                "I'm not blind darling, I've pretty much known since you got it."he said and poked my tattoo.

                "Oh, okay," I said quietly, "I wish you didn't have to leave."

                 "It's going to be alright I'm going to have the boys stay with you two to keep you company." he said.

                 "Boys?" we said in perfect unison, "what boys?"

                 "You'll see. I'm going to go get some sleep my plane leave's at five tomorrow morning. You can't order dinner if you like." he said. he kissed both of our cheeks as we exited the room and went to the kitchen to order pizza.

I'm going to have the boys stay with you two to keep you company.

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