Love Conquers All (a Niall Horan love story)

19 year old-Rylee Cowell has always had everything. Yes. Cowell you read it right. Although, she never has had friends because everyone just likes her for her last name and not who she is as a person. Simon Cowell's niece and goddaughter Rylee has been living with her uncle since she was 14 when her parents died leaving her and her little sister Lillie. Her sad and misfortunate life takes a turn when her uncle and her must stay in London for her uncle's job and Rylee and her sister end up staying with, yes, One Direction. Will one summer be able to change Rylee's life around? Will she finally find someone who understands her?


1. 1. Rylee Cowell


1. Rylee Cowell










                    Hiya. I'm Rylee. Yeah I'm Simon Cowell's niece. Most of the time I don't though. People at school have always wanted to be my friend because of my last name and don't actually want to get to know me. IT SUCKS. I have never really had any friends besides my little sister Lillie (and my dog Teddy). We live with our uncle in Surrey, England but he is almost always away for work. When I was 14 my parents died in a plane crash. They said it was because the engine malfunctioned and basically exploded. I miss them more than imaginable. Nobody has never totally understood me. I might seem happy on the outside but I am extremely insecure on the inside.




            On the lighter side........



          I am 5' 4" (162cm). I have light blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a tattoo that my uncle does NOT no about (SHHHHH).



               Likes: music, photography, yorkshire terriers, my sister, turtles, the beach, clothes!!!


          Dislikes: fake people, paparazzi, hospitals, needles

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