gather your thoughts


1. gather your thoughts


Close your eyes and scream at the top of your lungs, for all the pain you're feeling or have felt, for all the times you couldn't feel anything at all, for all the people that messed you around and broke your heart, for all the paranoia and anxiety, for all the wasted tears and hopes you'll never get back, for the waves that crash over your head and consume you and for all the times you wished someone, anyone would notice and tell you it's okay.

Sometimes all you can do is scream, cry, sleep. Spend a day in bed, because you need to; because you can. Eat what you like, say what you like, do what you like. As long as you mean well who cares what anyone thinks? We all know karma comes right back around so think before you speak, and think with your heart, not your feelings. Feelings change. You may love him now but you'll hate him in months to come. You may feel as angry as anything, but I guarantee you won't smash up your house if you stay in it; running away from your problems only leads to you running headfirst into the source of the problem: you.

Take a breath, look around. Take it all in, everything. It's yours to keep. Find something that makes it worthwhile despite everything else, and hold on to it, hold tight with both hands. Take a walk onto the highest bridge you can see, or the tallest building. Watch how fast the cars look in the dark, how their headlights leave streaks. Blink. Take a step back and walk.  Don't forget the power of a good book, words can heal most things. And most others improve with time. It's a cliche but it's true. Music can work wonders. If all else fails,  go to bed with a mug of something warm and a trusty playlist. When hope feels lost, you will find morning brings something new.

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