The Murders

A small family move to a house that their ancient ancestors owned, little did they know what was lurking in the shadows.


1. The Start

It all started when we moved into our new house. It was left for my Dad when my Grandma passed. The house was a small mansion built by my ancestors. It has been in our family ever since the 1200s. It's a three story house with a balcony on the second and third story, and a fountain in the middle of the front yard that doesn't run. The history of the house was very graphic. The house has been passed down through the generations. The ghosts that haunt the house and my family were the very first ones to live in the mansion. The ghosts: Henry the Father, Samantha the Mother, and their children, David (18), Abigail (15), William (10), Elizabeth (8), Herald (6), and Marie (5) and finally, Marrow (2).

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