The Murders

A small family move to a house that their ancient ancestors owned, little did they know what was lurking in the shadows.


3. Evidence

A short time after moving in, my parents and I were sitting in the dining room eating dinner when all of a sudden, the table started to shake violently. After it stopped, I looked up and saw something run past the archway. I got up and dashed over to where I saw it, but it was gone. I am an only child and the only pet we have is a cat. The size of what I saw was at least 4 ft. tall, so I couldn't imagine what it was.

The next night, I was in my room alone. I was getting ready for bed and I accidentally knocked something off my dresser. I bent down to pick it up and it suddenly became cold. I stood up and in the mirror in front of me; I saw for the first time David, standing behind me. I didn't know at the time that this was David. I had no idea who this person was. Scared out of my mind, I turned around and he was nowhere to be seen I rushed down the hall to my parents' room but they were already asleep.

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